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  1. FiremarshalBill49

    Did You See What This '79 King Cab Just Sold For...

    Just reduced the price on my 72' 620 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCTFS/permalink/1806008662786219/?sale_post_id=1806008662786219). My truck is AT LEAST as nice as this one, and it has cold factory AC.
  2. FiremarshalBill49

    Door Window Rattle

    What is it inside my doors that would cause/allow the windows to rattle when rolled down? The windows don't "seem" lose and the inner and outer window seals at the bottom of the window openings have recently been replaced (cheap Thai replacement parts - don't get me started), but there is a persistent window rattle inside the doors, especially when rolled down. I haven't taken the door panels off yet for a look-see and was wondering if there are some parts I should order before jumping into a fix.
  3. FiremarshalBill49

    New member with Datsun 620 from WA State

    Where do you live in Washington State? I live up in Oak Harbor.
  4. FiremarshalBill49

    Is there any alternative to new shifter bushings?

    Thanks for the photo explanation! It's perfect for what I need to do. My shift lever is straight with no bend at all. Is this a 521 design feature? Since my truck was manufactured in March of 72' I'm wondering if they were still using leftover 521 parts on the early 620s?
  5. FiremarshalBill49

    Is there any alternative to new shifter bushings?

    Mike, I can find only one cone shape bushing fitting loosely on the bottom of the shaft itself. What holds these rubber bushings "squeezed" between two washers? Don't suppose you have a photo?
  6. FiremarshalBill49

    Is there any alternative to new shifter bushings?

    I've definitely got the A type Monkey Motion shifter. Would these eBay bushings like Rick-Rat mentioned help? What's involved with installing a new bushing? Also, my shift rod is straight as an arrow and not angle-bent like later models. I happen to have everything open and accessible right now.
  7. FiremarshalBill49

    Is there any alternative to new shifter bushings?

    I've got an early 72' PL620 with the L-16 and a 4-speed. I'm pretty sure the transmission is not original. It shifts okay but there is a huge amount of slop (side-to-side) in the straight shift lever. Do you think these bushings help? How hard are they to install? What would I be looking for on eBay? Thanks.
  8. FiremarshalBill49

    1972 PL620 Paint Codes?

    According to PPG Industries (https://www.classiczcars.com/uploads/monthly_2017_11/Body_PaintGuide_1972-datsun-pg01.jpg.cca50d2531c27c07506ba5302c9a8ad8.jpg), it appears there were two different colors of white for 72' Datsuns (number 8895 and 8889). Both called "white". I'm assuming this PPG paint list includes trucks. Where would I find the paint code on my truck to mix some touch up paint? Thanks.
  9. FiremarshalBill49

    Replacement Stereo?

    My early 72' PL620 came to me with a stock Hatachi AM radio with one speaker in the passenger side foot well. The reception and sound quality is crap. I'd like to update the sound system a bit without going overboard, but want to keep some semblance of a stock radio look without digital LED lights and such. Of course I'll need at least two new speakers as well. Ideally I'd want something with a CD player, or better yet, a radio with a USB port for playing my favorite tunes. Any suggestions on a replacement head unit? Either new, or a stereo from an older brand/year vehicle? Something that will bolt right in without much fuss and keep somewhat of a stock look? How about speaker size? Appreciate any help you might offer. Thanks.
  10. FiremarshalBill49

    620 Inner & Outer door window seals install

    I asked this morning. Got some valuable feedback, and did it this afternoon. B)
  11. FiremarshalBill49

    620 Inner & Outer door window seals install

    I purchased the Thia-made door window weather strip package (inner and outer, left and right) and was at first impressed with the price (eBay - $54 for all four strips) and delivery time (3 days). But when I went to mount them, I found the mounting clips on all 4 strips did not line up exactly with the clip holes in the door. All four strips were also 1/2" to 3/4" too long so they had to be trimmed to length with tin snips. I then pried off all 22 clips (6 on each inner strip and 5 on each outer strip) and re-positioned and clamped the clips back on the strips where they needed to be to match up with the clip holes in the doors. I then put a dab of epoxy glue on each clip to make sure they didn't move around or slip off. Also, these particular Thai-made outer rubber scraper strips seem to be about 1/16" too narrow (the edge of each mounting hole was just visible from the outside) so I ran a tiny bead of clear calk along bottom edge of these outer strips and gently tapped it into place. It helps if the window is completely down for installation. I'd recommend you mount the inner window strips first and then the outer strips. In the end, the windows don't rattle any more, they're water proof, and look pretty good. Hope this helps anyone replacing their 620 door window weather strips.
  12. FiremarshalBill49

    620 Inner & Outer door window seals install

    I'm ready to install the inner and outer seals along the bottom of my 620 door windows. Any hints or helpful suggestions regarding the procedure?
  13. FiremarshalBill49

    Clutch pedal adjustment?

    When shifting the 4-speed on my 72' (L-16) 620, I need to push the clutch pedal hard against the firewall floor to make a smooth shift. Is there an adjustment I can make to the pedal travel so that the clutch pedal engages the engine maybe an inch from the floor rather than pressed hard against the floor? Thanks
  14. FiremarshalBill49

    Fan Switch?

    The heater on my 72' works okay, but the fan switch only functions in the High position (pulled all the way out). Is this problem (no low speed fan function) typically in the switch itself or somewhere in the wiring?
  15. FiremarshalBill49

    Brake light-turn signal quandry

    Crashtd420... you're probably right, simply run a wire from the brake switch back to the license plate frame and ground the frame back there somewhere. I'd also thought about adding a 3rd brake light on the rear of the cross bed tool box (a much more visible location than the stock brake lights) and this wire could also power that light.

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