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  1. Landlockt

    Seized J13

    Diesel it is. How long should I let it soak?
  2. They are gauges. Unfortunateley aftermarket, oil pressure and amp meter drilled through the dash. The horn button is there but, the ring is busted off the two arms.
  3. Landlockt

    Seized J13

    I was told it ran before being parked, but I get your point.
  4. Landlockt

    Seized J13

    I just bought a ‘68 520 with a seized motor. It sat outside for 15 years in Spokane,Wa. Hood closed, motor complete. My plan is to pull the plugs and spray/pour “something” in and let it soak. What “something” should I use? PB Blaster? WD-40? ATF? Marvel Mystery Oil? Diesel? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys. Good news, bad news. The same guy had another ‘65 320 with a floor shifter. This one is complete. I got that one too. Now I am out off funds to do anything to either one for a while. Lol. Pics to follow.
  6. Yes steering wheel cover and I don’t know about the gauges above the radio slot. I should have paid more attention.
  7. If I put the J13 and tranny in, what would be a realistic highway cruising speed?
  8. I bought the 320. I’ll post some pics once I figure out how to. I have an iPhone. I don’t know if that is part of yhe problem
  9. Thanks for info. Yes I have a J13 mated to a tranny. I own a ‘68 520 with the J13. I know of a ‘65 320 without a motor. It has the floor shifter tranny still. My grand plan would be to pull the J13 and tranny out of the 520 and install it into the 320. Then find an L18 or L20B to install in the 520 with a 5 speed of course. Lol
  10. Yes E series engine originally came in the 320. The 320 I am looking at doing the swap with has a floor mount shift tranny. I have seen L series motors and trannies installed in 320’s. I guess with enough work you can do pretty much any swap. I am hoping this would be a fairly simple swap.
  11. How difficult would it be? Would it be bolt in? Would it take a lot of fab? Would the motor fit? Do the motor mounts line up? Is the tunnel big enough? Would the driveline need to be shortened? Thanks
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