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  1. Rjawm

    Truck Porn

    Well, a couple things that fell from the sky in early Aug of 1945 could have caused a small set back...
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ip+spoofing
  3. Rjawm

    Skillard Nissan 720 Parts Group Buy

    https://www.coinstar.com/ Or find one of these on your route home and cash them in for a gift card to use later at home/online. Bonus is no fees for cashing in coins for gift cards, there is when exchanging for paper cash. Coin rolls are pretty much a must for exchanges in banks.
  4. Sounds kinda kinky but if it works for you is all that counts.
  5. Rjawm

    Skillard Nissan 720 Parts Group Buy

    You must be new here...the average buy-in of parts by these cheap asses is limited to the change in their ashtray most of the time, maybe more if they have the seats out and scrape up what's been hidden for years in the cracks. So, no, precision made parts aren't a hot seller to most on Ratsun, lol.
  6. ^ Needs more PoPo in that pic lol
  7. I see what you did there mister crazy computer disease man...I've played plenty of Plague Inc. on my phone to see through your plans...you sneaky motherfucker
  8. A stupid state or a state of stupid...
  9. Taken directly from their Facebook page...

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