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  1. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Thank you! Yea when going from the S4 to the 521 it’s like going back in time! Are there any members with a 521 in southeast PA or somewhat close by? Wouldn’t mind meeting up with someone to talk about and compare trucks. Or do you guys do any regional meets or anything like that?
  2. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Sure am, undroath73. I’m not as active on there as I have been in years past but I still keep up with it.
  3. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Thanks man! The S4 is a great car, this is my third and I’ve loved every one of them! Lol VW! Just cuz Volkswagen owns Audi doesnt mean it is one! Although, I have had thoughts of swapping the two and letting the Datsun take the garage. We shall see!
  4. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    I had never actually seen one in person until I went to look at this truck, I was very surprised at how small they really are. I’m a bigger guy, (6’0” 240lbs) and it’s definitely a snug fit lol I don’t see how someone over 6 foot can drive one of these trucks comfortably.
  5. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Couple more pics. Oh and d.p. Looks like we have similar interests in vehicles lol
  6. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Thanks for the info and kind words guys. Just for now I plan to lower it and throw on the rally wheels, eventually I’d like to do a swap but that’s further down the road. I’m just glad I found one on the east coast, I searched for about a year until I found this one.
  7. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Trying to upload a couple pics, not sure how to get the full image and not just a thumbnail. I’ll have to mess around with it a bit more. Here’s a couple for now...
  8. DAT521OG

    New 521 owner here!

    Hey what’s up everyone, my name is Nick. This is my first post here on Ratsun, and I figured I’d do the proper thing and do a quick introduction. I just picked up a 1970 521 a couple weeks ago and I’m loving it so far! It’s in pretty decent shape with very minimal rust and just over 62k miles on the odometer. The paint is a little rough, I believe it was resprayed at some point in its life but it’s a pretty shotty job. I’m looking forward to messing around with this truck and sharing my progress along the way. First I plan to lower it a bunch and put on a set of rally wheels that i just picked up last weekend and much more to follow after! I’ve got some pics on my phone, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted pics on a forum. As soon as I figure it out again I’ll post some up!

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