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  1. Hey guys, So this 520 was built in Cloverdale, custom 1 of 1 of course. The builder cut the bed, through some brakes from a skyline on, 4 corner flip switch air bag set up, KA24de with 89k, 5 speed trans from a 240sx, xxr wheels, straight pipe Y-tip exhaust(Loud as F###!), leather seats from a Audi, new wires and harness. Tires-8/10 Rotors need to be resurfaced with new pads probably. I bought this for my first project, without really bullet pointing what I'll need and what it would take to complete. Anyway, bought this while living in Napa, last year, however I just moved San Diego and need someone to help my dad fix her up and sell it. Few problems my dads been procrastinating to address. 1.Battery keeps getting drained 2.Clutch slave cylinder needs to be installed

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