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  1. JamesFouche

    Datsun G223

    I also understand it this way. Would that be a complication in the renovation process?
  2. JamesFouche

    Datsun G223

    Thanks for the info. The pickup is listed as a G233. My understanding is it's the first roll-out of the E1 engine, which would later be the 320 standard. So I have a 222, with a 320 engine, and a number of unique measurement changes from predecessor to successor. And, yes, also a unique torsion bar. The other question I have, is how many of these still exist? And how many were made back in 1961? Can I post a pic on the forum? Just for clarity?
  3. JamesFouche

    Datsun G223

    Hi all, I am in the process of buying a half-refurbished G223 with all the original trimmings (grille, wheels, etc.) It only has some propshaft issues that needs tending to. I am looking for a service/ workshop manual. Any idea where I can get this? Also, any advice before buying? What should I be mindful of? Purchase price threshold? Regards, James

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