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  1. Then look, if it's going to be a present I'd be rude not to accept. The guy in the picture doesn't look that bad. Hard to explain to the wife though.
  2. Its a political thing every where in the world, not just the US, why? Because there are politicians everywhere in the world. Every thing is to be considered as a tool for manipulation for politicians. The doctors you are talking about, the ones who care about being doctors, who know what they are doing, who want to actually help people and cure sickness etc, they aren't the one advising the public on what to do. The ones advising the politicians and the public are career bureaucrats with a degree. They are the people who get a university education but either suck at actually being a doctor or don't want to be actual doctors. People who are generally really good at what they do don't normally fair well in bureaucratic positions. The doctors who are really good at helping people have found ways to cure Covid, they are the ones MSM and politicians are busy destroying their reputations and careers, being silenced in the hospitals and told to leave people to die on ventilators not allowed to use any other medications than those approved by the "health advisors". people who think that "the Government" is actually an entity that is all working together to complete an agenda are wrong. There is only a "they" in the loose terms of groups of people wearing the same hat. What all governments ( and any corporation, bureaucracy in general) really are is a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths who happen to currently have "some" of their own individual self interests aligned. What the "government" gets out of it depends on where and who you are in the government. I am sure most politicians don't really care about an overall agenda unless they can gain out of it in some way politically, financially or personally. Sure there are some good ones but they are few and far between. the rest are broken or there for themselves. What can they gain??? maybe you could ask the most popular president in history? Or over here we have had massive wins for politicians who have kept us "safe" Many extensions of emergency powers, that also happen to muzzle any opposition their rule. Makes it extremely difficult to campaign against you if your opposition isn't allowed to say anything in fear of being "cancelled" Why do people have to change peoples minds?? You are vaccinated are you not? then you are safe from the deadly virus. You can wear your badge and take the moral high ground and be proud that you have contributed to the flock immunity. And when a career medical bureaucrat comes on TV and says we are going to force vaccinate your 2 your old with an experiment that hasn't even been tested long enough for the first baby to be born from vaccinated mothers ( the ones that didn't already abort due to complications during pregnancy due to the miracle vaccine), the miracle vaccine that no one pushing it has to be concerned with any liability, well then you don't have to give a fuck because you are so lucky not to be leaving any offspring behind. You know who eats way more sheep than the wolves? the fucking shepherds, and they also happen to be the same cunts who patented the virus, who push the masks and lockdowns to advertise the need for the fucking vaccine, to make the sheep feel safe from the wolves. and do make sure you get your booster when available, its for the good of the flock 🙂
  3. Nothing to see here. https://odysee.com/$/embed/Fake-Vax-Shots-Compilations/1dd8a69ccf924e79bd48082acf1d134745f27f2e?
  4. Some c#@t wearing a monocle, it's the only possible answer 🧐 probably has a bald cat too.
  5. The business model works better if they are mandatory, then once started the yearly "subscription" updates keep the dollars rolling in.
  6. I am a bit of a fan of these apples. So much so that just make this post I had to go through 10 pages of titties and half a dozen pages bums to find it. It was quite the effort.
  7. This is the problem today in a nutshell. So many safety labels, warnings, protection devices and guard rails have kept people like this alive, when if left to run its course natural selection would have swiftly removed them from the gene pool.
  8. If you catch covid and take ivermectin at the early signs of symptoms,( if you actually are even effected by it, younger people are not as susceptible. ) it helps you get over it very quickly. You also get natural immunity. The vaccine is not the only way to get immunity, you can also still catch covid, it reduces symptoms not a magical barrier. Look at the UK. If it is real and not manipulated purely for politics, they are having 20k new cases a day of the so called Delta variant. They are supposed to be almost at herd immunity levels of vaccination. It's all bullshit. I'm fucken over being lied to by greedy piece of shit politicians playing power games. You guys over there need to hold on to your guns and your constitution tight cause these fuckers over here have us by the balls all because of politicians 100 years ago.
  9. Is there any of you guys in the US that are able to buy ivermectin? Our shit government have decided that it is not safe to give us a drug with over 40yrs history and not one death that I can find anywhere, and very little side effects. I think the real issue is that it appears to be very effective against covid, so we should get an untested Vax instead. Anyway aside from ranting, has anyone managed to gets some over your way?
  10. A bit of both, basically just being a spelling nazi looser. 😏
  11. Wots dat then? Haven't seen one of those for 15-20yrs. Was all we had when I was on-site out west, before mobile phones had reception everywhere.
  12. .02% if you under 70years, and even lower if you are allowed to use medications that shall not be named that have been proven to work.
  13. Not common place for people to die from vaccines that have been tried and tested long term before rolling out. I fully agree. This worldwide experiment with unproven technology, hard to say.
  14. Ha ha, I was merely picking on the image, not the rights. We can own guns. Not open carry. To be honest though, up until maybe the last 12months I have never had or felt I needed a reason to have one. Funny thing is my wife actually said to me she thinks we should get one due to all the current bullshit. I've never sat down and looked at it but if you corrected for population numbers our murder rate is probably similar? Like in the US the most violent portion of our population is also most likely to own one illegally anyway. I want a gun to protect me from the government, not everyday criminals.
  15. So you are saying they probably only look like this in their imagination?
  16. Do they make adult size frames? Dr Jill might want one for her husband🤔
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