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  1. A comparison between ivermectin and pfizermectin Maybe the $4 option that works better could be an alternative, politics aside.
  2. But who could possibly argue effectively against you with your highly developed and vastly superior neural network?
  3. 6.5 billion people don't just get rid of themselves. Someone has to roll up their sleeves and get to it.
  4. I'm not really trying to be conspiracy nut either, just looking at who is making the money and power out of this. A lot of this is just opportunistic fuckery. I definitely agree with the Occam's razor, and I think it may definitely apply to their vaccines. Unintended consequences and all that. Yet to be seen.
  5. It doesn't make sense to release an indiscriminate virus with no apparent cure unless you look at from the view that it was released so that there is a cure to be sold. Small numbers of deaths don't matter, even larger numbers don't really bother the corporations behind the vax's, all the better really, helps sales. Now they are selling drugs at huge profits to fix the side effects of the Vax themselves! How fucken good is that for a business plan. All paid for by people with no choice via taxes. They have just released a blood clot drug to stop heart issues in children, never before required but quickly authorised recently for some reason. Must be a side effect of the dreaded covid hey? The whole thing is the greatest scam ever pulled, and we are the patsies like it or not.
  6. Fucked if I know to be honest? I'm not that filthy rich and bored that I have time to meddle in other people's lives? I would guess it depends on which elite you would be studying at the time, the main answer would almost always be more money as you say. Then you would have the proper shit ones that think they are smarter than everyone else and they should be running the rest of us poor stupid bastards for our own good. I honestly don't think genocide is high on many people's agenda, not good for business you know.
  7. What about healthy diet and exercise? Might help that small % of people in the already small .02% that die of this "terrible" disease. Everyone wants a bloody pill or needle to fix em instead of being responsible for what they constantly mash down their face holes. If you have bigger tits than your missus then you are the fucken problem not covid.
  8. Yeah but you don't seem to be one to happily let the government control every aspect of your life in exchange for the appearance of safety. Many people here in that age group are more than happy to sign away the freedoms of their children so they can feel safe for the remaining few years they are here. 10 years from now the world will be even more digital, control will be easier, just because a person is old and doesn't want to understand it doesn't mean it isn't real. Then again lets go Brandon might just start a nuclear war accidently while trying to change the channel on tv before then and it won't matter.
  9. Comments and bullshit on social media, conversations with people. My wife has friends in Melbourne who think as above, they love the little dictator they have down there. For every protester against you have 5 who think they are conspiracy whackos. You should understand what being in a huge country with the majority of decisions coming from a few major cities is like. Canada is like Australia in that regard. Our media is completely controlled you see what they want. Our country is being sold out and locked down in every way possible and most people wouldn't know or care. Passports to go anywhere in our own country, the Central digital currency fear porn has begun on mainstream media to prime the plebs for the change, social credit system waiting in the wings.
  10. Our 2 parties are appearing to be one and the same. We have a few that speak against but are shut down hard. Where I am you would not even know there is anything going on, no pandemic bullshit we are just to far away from the major cities. It's coming though. More fucked than the US? Hard to say? The most fucked up thing is the majority of people want these lockdowns, they want mandated vaccines, and strict internet laws and tighter gun control than we have now. They want the government to make them feel safe from the bogey man that has been continuously fed to them by the media for years. Non stop fear porn on climate, guns, terrorism, online bullying blah blah it's out of control. And the government has made every single one of these things worse. These fucken weak sheep are willingly handing over all freedoms and those of generations to come so they can feel safe from terrorists and pedofiles, which ironically is pretty much the government.
  11. Don't discriminate, hate both. unfortunately the same set of strings appears to be pulling left and right.
  12. Your not going to have to travel there soon, I heard Satan was looking to relocate up here due to the high volume of politicians, gov bureaucrats and media he is expecting to see, just trying to keep hell unpolluted with too much of that sort of shit.
  13. I love how destructive this stuff 👆 is to political agendas. Rage against the machine sounded better though.
  14. Vaccine passport system integration is seamless.
  15. Once globalised central bank digital currency is implemented the economic damage from virus related stupidity will become no longer useful, those two fuckfaces will likely be thrown under the bus as fall guys to appease the rabble. I think it's cute how people still think this whole virus / vaccine thing has anything to do with health or saving people.
  16. Same topic. No hypocrisy. Not sure how I could write that any clearer? How about the government just let's people decide. I don't have political affiliation nor preferences. If you choose one side or another and think it actually makes a difference then that's great news for you, in my country you are voting for either wing of the same corporate controlled bird. There is absolutely no situation that any form of government can't make worse. This planet can attest to this.
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