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  1. Minitruckmarauder

    Transmission surgery - diesel kingcab 720

    Thank you kindly Wayno; I do still have reverse and no it did not make a noise while idling before it self destructed. Fifth is totally unusable and second is very grindy and often spits itself out....
  2. Minitruckmarauder

    Transmission surgery - diesel kingcab 720

    Thanks a bunch! The boost of confidence in this job is much appreciated....
  3. Minitruckmarauder

    Transmission surgery - diesel kingcab 720

    I'm seeking expertise and parts to save my '81 720 diesel. Second gear has staying grinding very badly and fifth will not engage at all. I'm assuming this will require a new transmission, which has been hard to locate for a diesel. Anyone have any leads? Or experience with a project of this magnitude? Located in Vancouver. Thanks!
  4. Minitruckmarauder

    720 Diesel Transmission Meltdown S.O.S.

    I was cruising along the other day when all of a sudden 5th gear just disintegrated. It was like I was in neutral. Shortly after fourth started grinding, which is when I called CAA. I got a tow to a 'mechanic' who said after driving the truck that he didnt even want to open up the transmission for a proper diagnosis because of the difficulty in finding parts. Anyone know where to find a transmission for a Diesel 1981 720 kingcab? Limited mechanical expertise here, just boundless love for this truck.

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