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    1985 720 2.4 4x4 Truck
  1. gregtallent

    1985 Truck 2.4l Carburetor question

    I ordered a carburetor and gonna put it on. Thanks
  2. gregtallent

    1985 Truck 2.4l Carburetor question

    Thanks. I'll check that.
  3. gregtallent

    1985 Truck 2.4l Carburetor question

    For 10+ years my stepson has wanted his pawpaw's truck. Our boy is 19 now and finally got it. His pawpaw passed away and his mawmaw handed him the keys. Confused at first but then he realized the key. Pawpaw's truck? So that's the short story. The truck has sat for 2 years. All original so no motor parts have been deleted. I have done the following. New battery. New fuel filter. Dropped and cleaned gas tank. New everything for brakes. New oil sending unit cause it was leaking oil. I sprayed Carb cleaner in the Carb throat and on linkages etc. A squirt of wd40 on linkages and the springs. Now the problem. I'm not mechanically inclined by no means but i think it needs a new Carb or rebuilt which I can't do so a shop would have to rebuild it. I can get a new Carb and swap it out though myself for probably cheaper than a shop to rebuild lol. But before I buy a new Carb I wanted your opinion. I pat the gas pedal 2 times and it cranks right up and idles perfect for bout 30 seconds. Then high idle bout 2000rpm for bout 15 seconds and then bout a mouth full amount of gas spits up out of the Carb and of course goes dead. I can immediately turn the key only (no pats to gas pedal) and it cranks right up and repeats the above statement. I have drove it down the road a mile and the manifold is glowing red. So I cut off the cat and muffler but still does it. From what I got off goggle it is the Carb causing the problem. What's yall opinion? Thanks

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