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    1985 720 2.4 4x4 Truck
  1. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Yes sir. The clicking, chattering and the crazy acting battery dash light is out and all. Shop guy said he didn't see how the truck even crank cause the alternator was so fried. I told him a new Exide battery lol and not drove that much till it was all fixed. The next morning I woke up sick as a dog and couldn't even get out of bed so the boy drove it yesterday to work and it did great until he ran out of gas lol I told him "get to walking that I told you to go straight to gas station" he said "just kidding I'm getting gas and truck is good but I still want something a little faster" yep I hung up on him lol
  2. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Friday I took the alternator in to the shop and he rebuilt it and I picked it up same day which was awesome. So it still has the orginal 1985 Nissan alternator just rebuilt. The relays I got from Rock Auto. One was on clearance for $5 and the other for $6 and I was very lucky because I got the last ones. Oriellys was $25.99 plus $6.99 shipping EACH. I laughed at him. GUYS, CHECK OUT ROCKAUTO.COM FIRST some things are the same price but most is dirt cheap and is delivered super fast. Thank you so much everybody.
  3. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Times like this cell phone is good to have but other times not having one sounds good. Wife gets pissed off cause I won't answer it lol.
  4. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Honestly I have no idea what you are talking about lol I'm not old but I'm 47 and stuck in the 80's lol I never got into and no interest in computers, the game consoles like xbox and such. I will piddle around on this smart (dumbass) cell phone a little that the teen boys got me to replace my outdated flip phone lol. But I will get one of them to do it for me.
  5. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Thank you. I just pulled them and will take them to the parts store tomorrow and order them. Our boy said he is done and wants something else because it's not fast enough. His lost is my gain lol. I'm taking it over and I'm stoked!!! Granted I have alot of time invested in it and once I replaced these relays and alternator it will be perfect mechanically. This coming up summer I plan on painting it red. He is so gonna regret this decision lol
  6. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    Ok cool. I will take the alternator off and take it to a shop that will rebuild it. Just had our oldest boy's starter rebuilt. I will check the blower also inside. Thank u so much for all the help. I will let ya know the outcome.
  7. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    content://media/external/file/11800 I copy n paste the picture. I hope that works.
  8. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    I kinda like it not having to push it in. I had a 81 that dad bought new and I got it in 87 but it's automatic . Then I got a new 89 hardbody and I had to push in clutch to start.
  9. gtallent

    1985 720 4x4 blue relay ticking question

    So sorry guys. This is my first post and I've been trying to figure out how to reply and such lol. Datzenmike your first comment makes since. The battery light on the dash is faded, then bright, then blicking so just acting crazy. So, the braided ground wire from firewall to motor is new now. Also the ground cables from the battery are new. Light is still on though. The blue relay is not clicking and no clicking inside cab either BUT the blower stopped working and no fuses are blown so may be that blue relay behind the battery is the heater relay. I got a picture but I can't figure out how to post it. Thanks so much for the quick response.
  10. Our boy has a 85 4x4 5 speed truck that has a clicking inside under the passenger side dash that I don't know what it is. Any clue? Also under the hood behind the battery is a blue relay that's ticking but it look original and can't read anything on it. What is that relay? Truck runs and drives great but the ticking is annoying. I've tried goggle but had no luck. Oh, on his truck I can crank it without pushing in the clutch. Is that normal on older trucks?

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