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  1. Well got the 280zx set up. Started the interior color change and dash pad restoration. Unfortunately when I was taking out plastic bits from the interior, the A-pillar covers shattered to pieces. So I'll be on the lookout for those.
  2. Going to be picking up some 280zx strut/brake assemblies today. I was wondering what rear spring and shock combo everyone was running? Was thinking of going with 150# springs in the front since it's going to be my daily. Also what are your thoughts on the stop tech brakes? They are about double the price of other brands. Thanks.
  3. Time Left: 19 hours and 44 minutes

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    In search of a good used or new flywheel for my 1979 datsun 210(b310) with an A14 engine.


    , Colorado - US

  4. Doing a manual swap on my '79 210 (a14) and having issues finding a flywheel. This is the only one I've found so far https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DATSUN-1200-B110-SUNNY-B310-120Y-B210-A12-A14-A15-CHROME-MOLLEY-FLYWHEEL-/163647265965 If I bought this one would I have to do anymore mods to make it run right since it would rev faster? Or do you know where I could source a stock one? Thanks.
  5. So started working on the 210 again. I ditched the motorcycle carbs and replaced them with a Weber 32/36 I stole off my wifes VW bug project. It's running to rich so I ordered some smaller jets. I also picked up some 2000 Sentra seats and seat belts from the junk yard. The stock ones are crumbling to pieces. I fabricated the driverside bracket this morning to utilize the factory mounting holes. Got it installed along with the Sentra seat belt. it surprisingly fit with a little bit of trimming. Very pleased with the out come. Now time for the passenger side. Hope to have this finally on the road soon. Will update with any other progess.
  6. So the 2 that were leaking, I took them apart and cleaned them. I discovered that there was the wrong o-rings installed on the float needle housing and replaced them with better fitting and fuel rated ones. Re-installed the carbs and it ran good. Took it for my first test run. Now I need to start on the electrical issues. No turn signals,horn, heater lever won't budge. A lot more work ahead.
  7. https://i.imgur.com/pHYBtfC.jpg So everything is finally installed. Just when I started it fuel was pouring out the front of the carbs. Do I need a fuel pressure regulator? Or do I need to run its own return line instead of using stock setup(pictured). Or are the floats not working properly? Thanks.
  8. A14 exhaust manifold https://imgur.com/gallery/NGuQ0 I'm going to use the stock exhaust manifold and the quad carb intake. Do I need to make a special plate to bolt to the gasket in the picture or just bolt it down? Thanks in advance.
  9. A14 no carb https://imgur.com/gallery/1jUHP Well it took me about 1 1/2 hours to pull the carb and manifolds off this morning. I went to see if the headers would fit and no luck. First the intake and exhaust ports are slightly smaller than the head and the the tubes are 2" too long and would hit the crossmember. If I shorten them to fit in between the motormount and cross member I would still need to angle the collector out to miss the trans. So now I don't know if I should do the mods to the headers or get a new carb (with electric choke) to replace the worn out stock one. Or option 3 which I was going to do down the road after I got the car sorted is to fab up a draw through turbo setup. Leaning towards modding the headers to fit since I have them and air pod filters on the way. What are your opinions?
  10. Think I'm going with these. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-2-Black-Foam-Pod-Filters-50mm-Honda-CB-CL350-360-450-CB500T-/182443509320?nav=SEARCH
  11. Just order a intake/exhaust manifold gasket and a valve cover gasket. Once they get in in swapping in the new setup. Looked at it and it has a vacuum port so should be quick and easy. Just have to figure out what air filter set up I'm going with.
  12. Sorry never heard anyone call it that. First Datsun, usually work on and hangout with Chevy squarebody guys.
  13. Yes it has the a14. Can I use the new carbs with my auto trans? Don't I need vacuum from the carb to control it ?
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