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  1. Having had 32/36 , single 45 dcoe, quad mikuini bike carbs , 38mm dual L series huitachi sus, 44mm dual 240z hitachi sus , and now hs6 genuine sus, the british are easiest to set up and for spare parts. The quads were most responsive and powerful(pain to set up and tune) and i wouldnt bother single dcoe. The 32/36 is easy and almost as good for sus.easy to set up and buy. Sus give about 90% of the total seat of the pants power amd response of the quads but easiet to work on imho. So my scores out of 100% for performance Stock 50% 32/36 70% DCOE 80% 38MM hitachi SUS 75 % 44mm hitachit sus 85% Hs6 genuine sus 90% Quad mikunis 95% I am reserving 100% for efi
  2. If you find an a series su/hitachi manifold, you can use the L series hitachis on them. Or even better hs4 true british sus. Hardest parts to find are the linkage between the carbs and the air filter housings
  3. I have been looking at those LS corvette filter regulators for my set up. We didnt get those here in Australia so a bit more expensive to source. Anyway, Is there any issue of running these as they are set at 58psi when the injectors from the car i plan on using are usualy run at 42psi? Also how often do they need changing? Would be worthwhile if its only every 50000miles or so. Dont want to modify the tank if possible
  4. 63a l series pic 63a L series isn't just a front case unless you plan on grafting it. If you can find an R30 skyline hatch they had a short 71b 5speed. Same dimensions but stronger (bit of a bad mismatch in ratios between 2and 3rd though dropscrevsca lot). The d21 box is similar dimensions but stronger again and double synchro on first and 2nd from memory
  5. Nice wagon. Looks fairly clean too. Love round lights over square, just links them with the other pre 1980's round light b110/210 models. I never thought I'd own a b310 sunny til I got one either
  6. Unfamilia

    L20b b310

    It's not identical the a10 and b310 chassis. Only the engine cross member lines up. Even the firewall where the pedal box mounts is different. Small differences in key areas as discussed but yes it's a nicer package than the a10 one.
  7. S13 low springs fit the b310 rear end. I'm using gab ones with Daihatsu rocky Bilstein shocks (effectively short stroke shocks) Works a treat as a great budget handling package. Added a s12 rear sway bar too
  8. Are you sure? Pretty sure the S15 varietta autech motors are 200hp factory. Knew a couple guys with them.
  9. Unfamilia

    L20b b310

    That's one way to do it
  10. Get the sr20de vvl out of S15. Na and 147kw, same as Aus delivered sr20det
  11. Ok with Rogers tips and advice along with some basic tools and carbide bits this was fairly easy as far as fabrication or clearancing to make the AE86/Toyota centre fit the h165 housing. I want to thank Roger as his info inspired me to do this after years of wanting an lsd and dreaming of getting one affordably into a Datsun. Hardest part was lining the housing up to ensure axles didn't bind then mark and drill and tap the holes. I visually checked the centre out before I installed it and it looked clean and moved smoothly by hand, clutch disk's looked in correct position etc) and decided in true Datsun spirit to just run it (like any 2nd hand centre I've used). Works well. It could be a bit tighter but it does what an lsd should do under load. Got lucky and it ended up being a 2 way lsd not the 1.5 (from my understanding of its action- locks up under Accel and decel). Great swap in you can find a centre and ratio you want affordably (takumi tax worse that Datsun tax on parts )
  12. In Australia we used the holden Gemini ones as an upgrade for b110 and b210. They can be sourced off eBay in alloy now too.
  13. Unfamilia

    L20b b310

    I used a SR20 radiator that had the inlets and outlets on the correct sides. It's a twin core. Takes up the whole nose cone area between the chassis rails Sent you a message about the pictures.
  14. Unfamilia

    L20b b310

    Hi, I've put an L16 in my round light 79 b310 (b210 in USA) Yes the hood hit just where the cross brace sits in the underneath the bonnet. I used shorter engine mounts to drop it 10mm. Good luck trying to fit a L20 with stock carby. I used twin su carbs. What major surgery did you do? I only had to fit the pa10 pedal box for a hydraulic clutch and some relief on the gearbox cross member to fit the 5speed gear box .
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