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  1. As others have posted, this is a hoax or intentional stirring up of things: http://enenews.com/bbc-website-links-to-report-about-pacific-ocean-boiling-in-front-of-fukushima-daiichi-photos Also note: the ocean model picture at the bottom was from the NOAA and it is about the tsunami and waves, not radiation at all.
  2. remotezygote

    Anyone heard of Super Mario?

    He was also on that drift super bee episode of Monster Garage, and was one of the most ADHD people I've ever seen...
  3. remotezygote

    Wanna buy a $45,000 411?

    Yeah I'm just trying to figure out how to save these parts, really... I figure if they never sell them (which they never will at these prices), they'll likely just scrap them eventually. I'm guessing these are the prices that make it worth their while to sell them, so it's a bit of a Catch-22. I'm going to try reasoning with them... wish me luck!
  4. remotezygote

    Wanna buy a $45,000 411?

    Has anyone bought parts from "elevenrussians" on eBay? I added up the parts they have for sale on there from this one orange 411 they're parting out (http://bit.ly/qcj8vE), and just the parts they have on sale right now add up to $6,884.66 if you just bought them all. I estimate they have about 15% of a full vehicle up there, so that means my complete 411 is worth $45,897.73 (and mine's a wagon, so even more!)? Mind you, they also have "Best Offer" available for all of these parts, but every reasonable offer I have thrown at them has been rejected (it is possible I have pissed them off at this point...). They have some good parts up there, but man, the prices are way off. Anyone else had any dealings with them or have any insights?
  5. remotezygote

    When you call your ISP tech support

    This is a flame war waiting to happen, so what the hell, here's some gasoline: I started out selling and fixing computers and dealing with this sort of thing (many many years ago), and I realized later, in hind sight, that yes, many or even most of the people I had to deal with were not knowledgable and/or pleasant people to deal with, and because of this, I tended to treat everyone as if they were a pain in my ass. It's just natural to do this. It's also very wrong. Now I am a professional software designer with a long history of network security, programming, hardware design, etc. experience, and I realize why some of the people I dealt with hated me. I treated them like an idiot when they very likely knew way more about my job than I did. This is how I am treated today, and it pisses me off to no end. You have no way of knowing right off the bat whether I am an idiot or a genius, but if I say something intelligent, take it as a sign - some people do know what they're talking about. I will also say this: these guys are not put in the best position by their companies to really provide good customer service (generally). The software they have to deal with is complete shit and makes their lives hell every single day. The corporate crap they have to deal with makes their lives hell every single day. There's also a lot of assholes out there and they have to deal with them just before they get on the phone with you. It's not always a great position to be in, but it's something that needs done. My advice: Customers, lighten up and be patient. Thank these people for dealing with the people who are assholes. Customer Service people, understand that people will be pissed at you no matter what you do, but embrace the people who will be patient and pleasant with you. JB
  6. remotezygote

    sr20det valve cover?

    Which cover are you looking for? 13/14/15?
  7. remotezygote

    FS: 1968 Datsun 510 Wagon $1600

    I'm with qwik510 here - willing to look like an idiot just in case that's not a joke. I can bring cash to you today. If it is a joke, it's a smidge cruel , but I like the commitment.
  8. remotezygote

    i hate these.

    Hahaha, this thread is awesome. I've actually been wearing these off an on for a few years now. Have you tried them? They actually make a lot of sense, and are very very comfortable. Also, they are terrible for rock climbing; soles are too thin and they let your foot flex way too much. They are wonderful for walking/standing/running around in. I use a standing desk for work (I own a company that designs and builds software), and these are the perfect shoes for that. Oh! And also, I do get laid, and in fact have gotten laid after meeting women when they have asked about these shoes, so if they have any sexual side effects, they are beneficial - at least for my area of the country. I would not wear them in Alabama, but in civilized places, they are appreciated (that comment was approved by my Alabaman biz partner). There's also a cool story behind the "barefoot shoe" movement too: http://www.livingbarefoot.info/2009/05/the-painful-truth-about-trainers-are-running-shoes-a-waste-of-money/ But I certainly appreciate people's opinions and their right to have them, so fire away. :P
  9. remotezygote

    reply box

    Hey! So I'm actually a web developer, and it pains me to see this screen shot you sent. Please, please please please stop using Internet Explorer. It is the thorn in the side of everyone who makes things on the web. I highly recommend using Google Chrome (http://google.com/chrome) or Firefox (http://getfirefox.com). I'm betting that you'll have a lot less problems on this site and many others if you switch over, and you'll be amazed at how much faster it is browsing the web with one of those. Internet Explorer truly is a piece of crap (excuse my language, but it causes nightmares for me constantly) for both users and developers, but since it comes already installed in windows, it is ridiculously widely used. I should also add: I use Chrome and have never seen what you posted. John
  10. remotezygote

    remotezygote's 67 RL411

    It's entirely possible to fit this thing in small spaces: It's gonna take a lot of ingenuity for sure, but man it's gonna be nice when it's done, no?
  11. remotezygote

    remotezygote's 67 RL411

    As your signature says: "Hit it."
  12. remotezygote

    remotezygote's 67 RL411

    Update(s): Engine decision has been made. I've decided to stay with Datsun/Nissan and ordered an SR20DET from an S13 240SX - will be swapping that over the next couple of months. Interior: I have lots of materials for fully redoing the interior of this thing. Still stripping it down to nothing so I can put some paint down, but it will be a tan/sand leather and bamboo wood interior (sounds funky I know but bear with me). I'll be replacing the door panels, kick panels, rear hatch panel, and cargo area panels with finished bamboo plywood instead of the vinyl covered stuff that came stock. The dash will be leather-topped/trimmed and bamboo-veneered with very little in the way of controls (I have a crazy plan for that too). Seats are still a point of thought - re-upholstering the existing seats in leather seems the obvious choice, but I keep imagining the muddy dog jumping up on it and I start thinking cloth might be nice... The headliner was ripped so I've ripped that out and will be replacing it - any ideas on where to get a bow-style headliner these days? I found this: http://www.wlsheadliners.com//bowstyle-headliner-for-classic-and-antique-cars-p-16.html but not much else. Still have lots of thinking to do about suspension and some other things, but the plan is coming together, and yet again I am overdoing it. :) So pretty soon there will be an R16 and a B/W T35 available if anyone was looking for those.
  13. remotezygote

    Dilemma: R16

    I am a little worried about the size of the engine bay. I can find lots of swaps for 510s, but very few in 411s. Does anyone know of 411 swaps for more modern engines? Thanks!
  14. remotezygote

    remotezygote's 67 RL411

    Here's how she started (photos from the eBay auction): And when I got her home: I'll take some more pictures tonight hopefully, but so far I've done some electrical work, stripped the interior bare to get ready for a nice new interior, and have amassed a metric buttload of parts and materials. I'm now debating about whether to swap out the engine (discussion). I've been posting pictures on my Flickr stream if you want to keep track.
  15. remotezygote

    Dilemma: R16

    Hey guys, opinions wanted. My dilemma is this: I have a 67 RL411 that I'm fixing up (the one with the Icono! sticker that's been around a while). I'm redoing the entire interior, doing a bunch of body work, paint, etc... and I'm going to use the thing a lot when it's done (not daily driver per se, but a lot). The R16 engine is running ok, but it's had the tranny replaced (B/W T35 that's not shifting properly) and the engine doesn't seem exactly solid. I could keep the R16 and stay fairly original (I'm not too concerned with being original, really), or I could replace the motor with a modern motor and 1) have something more reliable and 2) have more power. The engines I'm looking at are the Honda F20C/F22C and the SR20DET - looks like there's been a few swaps for these on 510s and such so I should be able to get help if I need it. What do you think? Swap? Fix up the R16? Swap the tranny? Opinions? I'm game for all ideas. Thanks! John

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