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    1985 Nissan 720
  1. Rust-n-Peace

    Plug wire order question

    Thanks @datzenmike, I took the dizzy out cleaned it up, then put it back in. I must be some sorta super mechanic, cause she's running pretty good now.
  2. Rust-n-Peace

    Plug wire order question

    Great, thanks. I will try that after work tonight.
  3. Rust-n-Peace

    Plug wire order question

    Thanks for the quick replies. Makes sense to me now, it is 180 out. Now I can rule that out as the reason it runs like crap (hardly idles & no power), I guess it's time to rebuild the carb. Also, one more thing, which coil is the intake and which is the exhaust, or does it really matter?
  4. Rust-n-Peace

    Plug wire order question

    datzenmike, if it was 180 out, wouldn't it be like 3412 not 4321?
  5. Rust-n-Peace

    Plug wire order question

    So, I just got myself a 1985 720 with the Z24 engine. The previous owner said it was running rough, so he tried to fix it. Now it doesn't run at all. The only way I can sorta get it to run now is to wire the plug wires so that the number 1 plug is closest to the fire wall and 4 is closest to the fan. It now runs rough and barley idles. If I wire it with plug #1 towards the fan, it will not run at all. Any ideas on how to make this run properly?

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