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  1. Thanks, I really have no clue what I am doing, but it's been fun.
  2. Funny, the body isn't that bad, but my frame is junk. I paid $250 for mine, with a plow.
  3. The Jeep Frame All welded in place, still need to add the cross members
  4. So, been slowly working on the frame repair (pics to follow). I took the rear frame rails from a postal Jeep and modified them to fit the 720. Will be spending some time with the Lincoln this weekend. Couple of questions. I found a large hole in the gas tank, so I will have to replace it with something. Being that this is a woods vehicle, will I need the return and vent lines? Also, the mice have made a nest in the headliner, how can I easily remove it? I don’t want to save it, nor do I want to make a mess.
  5. ok, thanks. the cab never dropped as far as the driveshaft.
  6. Yes, just a woods truck. Never gets out of first and 4-lo. What do you mean by that?
  7. Unfortunately, I will need it as a plow truck. I don't have the money for a running truck. I have a supply of metal, and a welder. Figure, what's the worst that could happen??? I'm not ready to part her out yet, but if I do maybe we could work something out.
  8. Living in the salt belt sucks. I removed the bed this weekend, went to drive it and she split in two. She’s only a woods truck, so it looks like it’s time to become a fabricator….
  9. "Good" frames are near impossible to find in the North East. Believe me, I have looked.
  10. Unfortunately she isn't road worthy, frame is toast. But, she does well hauling firewood and plowing.
  11. We had about a foot of snow, she handled it - no problem.
  12. My $250 720 King Cab. After getting her running (carb & electrical problems), removing all vacuum lines, getting the brakes working, patching the frame and replacing hydraulic lines, I was finally able to use her today….
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