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  1. Quick update on Green Acres. I was able to locate some bumperettes and brackets with the help from member 420n620. It was a quick swap with my current bumper. I'm going to miss the Spam Musubi bumper sticker on the old one but I like the look of the bumperettes. A before and after shot.
  2. Your fenders are looking great. Mine need some work so I need to pay attention to your posts.
  3. I just installed new tie rods and center link for my '71 521 from RockAuto. The center link was as expected but similar to yours the tie rods came with nylocks and no zirc fittings. I was also a little curious about the setup so I'm glad I found the thread and I'm not alone.
  4. If you also have Arnold's talents that would be quite impressive. Thank you for the invite. I won't be able to make it this weekend but I am planning to make one of the local events before too long.
  5. Good looking truck. It is nice to hear that another 521 is back on the road .
  6. Daniel, I've enjoyed reading through all your posts. I will have to undertake a few of your projects on my truck and appreciate all the info. I'll also make use of the paint code info. Only the last digit "8" is visible on my paint code plate.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Quick question with your ride height in front. How much travel do you have before you reach your bump stops in front? I lowered what I thought was 1 spline and was happy with the results. But I was under the truck the other day and noticed that I'm riding on my bump stops (without any travel).
  8. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for sharing your trucks. These ares some more recent pics. I've lowered the stance a bit and changed out the rims. When I brought it up from California it had original rims on the front and 15" rims on the back. The offset wasn't correct and it was rubbing against the frame.
  9. greenacres

    521 Green Acres

    I wanted to make a quick introduction. I recently shipped my uncle's '71 521 up from SoCal to Washington. I always thought it was a great truck and when the opportunity came up I jumped at a chance to keep it in the family. It has always been his garage kept, weekend work truck so I hadn't seen it in 15+ years. It has aged a little more than what I remembered but I'm excited to have it. Pictures are from this past fall when it first arrived in Seattle. I have been cleaning it up and working on some small projects. Ratsun has been a fantastic resource guiding me through some of my projects.
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