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  1. -datsmo-

    pic of your dime

    That's the main reason for us.
  2. -datsmo-

    pic of your dime

    Still L18, but with a KA head.
  3. -datsmo-

    pic of your dime

    Lovin the blue door trims! Are the seats blue vinyl too under those seat covers???
  4. -datsmo-

    pic of your dime

    Been a member for a year and haven't contributed... Here's a pic of my old mans car that I really like. And here's an incar vid for anyone that wants a look. Goes alright for a 65 year old!
  5. -datsmo-

    Sacramento Swap meet and car show March 6 2011

    Just a question for you guys that attended, did David Pare turn up to this swap meet???
  6. Got mine a couple of days ago. Thanks mate! Still deciding where it will go...
  7. Yeah, VIC is for Victoria in Australia. Can I get one white & one back one please...?

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