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  1. Whats wrong with beebani? He is one of them that I have looked into. No, I wont use an S10 but I will either bag it on the kingpin or I will just use a complete front end from something. Haven't done enough research to define the something. Im leaning towards a bolt on brake upgrade and keeping the kingpin know that I know it will lay from on them.
  2. Thats why I am asking here, figured if it actually works then someone here will have done it.
  3. Yes you can. Wilwood makes a kit. Very easy and well priced. It just bolts on. Im not running out and buying it because it is for the kingpin trucks and I am not sure I am keeping that. As for fab skills if I have to I will change the entire front suspension. This truck will lay on the ground and it will have disk brakes. Just deciding the best way to it. Im sure I can make an S10 front end fit under it.
  4. First off, Hello. New to Datsun's but not cars or minitrucks. I have a nice collection of toys and Im a pretty good at doing all my own work. Looking forward to getting to know this community. Picket this 1977 up about two weeks ago. Dropped it 3" added new wheels and I am about to install a weber and header. It has 94,000 original miles. Runs ok but the I think the carb leaks from every seal possible. I have spent a while reading in google and it seems 720 parts will fit the 620. However, I did not find any clear info on what parts. I figure I need upper controls, lower control arms, after market spindles, rotors and calipers. But is there other stuff needed as well? Tie rods work? I think I saw that the shock mounts wont work. They need relocated can someone confirm this? Long term plan is to bag the truck. Is it better to get a disk brake upgrade for a king pin truck, keep the king pin set up and bag it as is. That will get the truck lower or is it better to get the 720 parts and bag it on those? Short term is the get it 2" lower and drivable for a while. I am also working on a B2200 and I want to finish it before tearing into this one. If there is a thread on all this, please send me a link. I really have been searching in google the last few days and didn't find anything clear. Thanks.
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