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  1. It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.
  2. The 911 will be getting closure soon. Nobody wants it more than me. The Alfa is next and that should be a big one 😄
  3. It is still not done yet, and even though the next project is not a Z, I think it will be worth watching 😉
  4. After 18 long months of tinkering in the garage, I finally get to drive the 680G.
  5. In this episode I sort out my timing issues and tune the car using the colour tune.
  6. In this episode I fit a 123 distributor to the 680g to hopefully get it running properly once and for all.
  7. In this episode I revisit replacing the wheel studs and fit the sway bar and bushings.
  8. I have sorted them in tonights episode. Some may not like how I did it, but I ended up drilling out the hubs to use the studs I have. Worked great.
  9. I already have 42mm studs on the rear, but they are too short. The ones on the front are around 36mm, but they still they still need another 10mm to get full engagement on the nuts. I am very tempted to just drill out the hubs so the studs I have fit.
  10. The length is not the issue, it is more about the diameter of the knurl
  11. In this episode I fail to fit new wheel studs, but I swap in the new fuel filler and some other bits.
  12. I am not a fan of the floor switch personally, so I am happy to leave the switch on the bottom of the column for the time being, but I do like your solution.
  13. In this episode I retrim the seats to match the rest of the trim in the 680g.
  14. In this episode I make up a complete carpet kit for the 680g
  15. I finally get it started!!! Wooo Hooo!. I had to cobble some bits together, but it starts and runs!
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