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  1. spacejunk

    is this the back reflector (lens) ?

    hi ,I have the complete tail light with those numbers on it ,,red reflector ,,on the bottom is a clear reflector S14775 sae stdr 67..i have 3 complete tail lights,maby they are what you want.also I have a brand new kangaroo wjndshield bag and wiper motor,,i think its for a 1000 or a 1200 model ..my email is bkkb20032000@yahoo.ca
  2. spacejunk

    510 wagon taillights

    I have 2 rear tail lights complete,think 510 wagon,red reflector L1708 koito, R33saeb65..clear one S14775L SAE STDDR 67.their are 2 bulbs,most I see have 3.very good condition,If anyone knows what year car they are off of .I am wanting to sell them thanks

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