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    what state is this in?
  2. 710


  3. Anybody have the corner rear window trim for a '74 710 2 door sedan?

  4. 710

    710's unite!!!!!!!!

    Hello fellow 710'ers. "710" here, a relic from the analog era (meaning I'm older than my 1974 710). Hence, my difficulties navigating the electronic world of Ratsun to find one little part you may have seen me murmur about over the lat 2 years as I have sought to post, and answer posts in the classified (and when that didn't work emailing members with "710" somewhere in their member ID) FOR ONE PIECE OF REAR WINDOW CORNER TRIM for my 1974 710 sedan SO I CAN GET ON WITH COMPLETING MY BODYWORK/PAINTING of the vehicle. Can I get some love here? Even if you don't have any leads on parts? And by the way, anybody replaced their original Hitachi carb with a Weber? I've heard that's a good thing to do on these leaky carbs, and I'm am little sick of only 18-20 mpg. Weber site lists 3 options- the $230, $290 and $300 kits.
  5. Anybody got it fixed for when the key doesn't turn the ignition switch on anymore enough to engage the starter? You know what I mean worn out. As a result I have to let the switch hang down from the steering column and activated independently with a key or flat blade. Then also when I go to turn the car off when I grab the switch it feels hot sometimes
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