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  1. Evo Chico

    Wire a Frontier KA into a 720?

    so does this mean I'm not getting that job with yall at Auto Zone?
  2. Evo Chico

    Wire a Frontier KA into a 720?

    Wiring Specialties says "sorry but we do not support anything for your project." I can't possibly see spending $600+ on a Tweak'd Performance loom for only a 40 hp increase thru a junkyard motor. I also don't have the time/information/equipment to devote to OEM harness surgery. Since my 720 is one of my DDs, I think it's most logical to shelf this Frontier engine swap project, do some better research and look for something a little more user friendly. Maybe a D21 KA24e or a VG30. Maybe not. Thanks to all.
  3. Evo Chico

    Wire a Frontier KA into a 720?

    My understanding from Icehouse is that the "wire a KA into anything" doesn't apply to a Frontier KA24DE. I picked up a wrecked '99 Frontier thinking its KA24DE should shoehorn into my 720 with the right m/mounts, right brackets, adding a Can/Am box, etc. I guessing I was wrong. Now I'm trying to decide whether to scrap the project, sell the frontier and learn to be happy with my poor Weber/Z24 or search for some other solution. I don't want to stuff just anything into my nice little 720. I am looking for an engine "upgrade" but am not trying to turn it into a rat-rod if you know what I mean. Back in the huddle...
  4. Does anyone have info or a "how-to" on wiring a '99 Frontier KA24DE into a carbed Z24 720? I know how to make the engine fit but I don't know a lot about getting the fi ignition ecu wiring grafted into the 720. I PM'd the member with the "wire a KA into anything" box and he doesn't know about wiring a D22 motor into a 720. Anybody?
  5. Evo Chico

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    I am considering dropping a Frontier ka24de into my z24/Weber powered '86 720 and mate it to the L4N71B auto trans I installed a few years ago. From what I see the mechanical installation may not be so much of a hurdle but the wiring puzzle has got me feeling squeamish before I even start! I don't suppose any of those little boxes are around anymore or is there an alternative? I'm considering just keeping my fine running z24 but that extra 40+/- horses would be nice!

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