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  1. I got mine from redline. I received an authentic Weber which was my biggest concern...
  2. This truck is very clean but after pulling up the carpet on the passenger side found lots of rust because the heater core had been leaking. Chopped out the old floor and made a new 16gauge floor and welded it in...
  3. Datzenmike inspired me to go with bumperettes, sexy ass...
  4. Thanks! Your truck looks awesome I’ll bet it turns a lot of heads in the U.K.! I love your country, went there for the first time 2 years ago, Bath was my favorite! I took my manifold to specialty fastener shop and they helped me find the bolts with the proper pitch and thread. If the manifold is off the truck, this is by far the easiest route. I also used copper antiseize and copper washers. I’ve read a post from datzenmike using brass plumbing plugs from Home Depot (Common American hardware store). I’m sure U.K. has something comparable, or would be easy to order online.
  5. Making bumperette brackets, cut from old bumper bracket and a straight bracket for a 520...
  6. Installed new radio antenna, drivers side on ‘79...
  7. Preparing dash for a cap...
  8. Rear lights installed, mud flaps, spare tire installed
  9. Installed grill, front bumper, lights
  10. That is the engine back from machine shop ready to build!
  11. Ok been real busy the last little while and haven’t got as much done as I’d like but as we all know sh*t happens. Here is a brief pictorial update. Many thanks to my fellow ratsun members!
  12. Such a badass truck!
  13. Those emblems you have look great! I’ll post a pic of 1979 620 fender emblem...
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