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  1. https://i.postimg.cc/wxNhcFKf/082201-B3-B6-D6-4-CD7-AD7-E-0847391-C8-C5-D.jpg
  2. Found these that work well as firewall grommets for heater hoses...
  3. And the build continues...new fuel lines
  4. Thanks Hainz! I really appreciate the advice. I will do exactly that. Wanted to thank you for the videos on YouTube as well. When I was setting up the timing I watched those many, many, times!!! You are a Datsun Jedi, and I’m honored you commented on my project!!
  5. Been a while but here is progress since I last posted...
  6. Datzenmike, I plan on doing exactly this to my intake manifold. I am using the Weber carb. Do I plumb in a vacuum line attachment as well as a PCV valve?
  7. Are those kegs full? Lol!
  8. Nice truck! I’m going for stock ride height. That is just like the bumper I took off mine!
  9. It is a “full face dash overlay” made in America bought on eBay. Needed a fair amount of sanding and trimming to sit good. I think having no windshield REALLY helped get it on tight and look half decent. It sure beats the old dash but it’s not perfect. To the untrained eye it looks great.
  10. A little more work done on the engine
  11. Dash rehabilitation...before....
  12. I just bought them on eBay. They came from a guy in Australia but they were definitely made in Taiwan. Like these https://www.ebay.com/itm/FOR-NISSAN-DATSUN-520-521-620-1300-1500-PICKUP-TRUCK-STEEL-REAR-BUMPER/173815674146?hash=item287838b522:g:0WkAAOSwPvVcd7LR
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