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  1. Found a a pic of my truck back in the 90s.
  2. You can see in the pictures that there are 4 different wheels on it, and 4 different tires. Two radial and bias ply.... I think I put several of these tires on in 1998. I do have full set of the mag wheels, but couple are messed up. Anyone on here have factory wheels for sale? Possible mag set?
  3. Nope, it's a Coton de tulear. Good dog. Just doesn't look very much like a manly dog.
  4. My first Truck was a 78 Datsun 620. My dad bought it when I was 15 years old, and told me it was mine if I fixed the engine. Had a warped head. Spent several weekends with my uncle and my dad rebuilding that engine. Great life lessons for sure. Drove this truck for couple years, and then moved on to a couple different trucks. 5 years later in 1997 I purchased my second 620. It was a 1975. It had 40k original miles, and original owner still had it. I picked this truck up for $700 in Evanston, WY. I drove this truck daily through college for about 5 years. I drove this truck all over
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