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  1. Thatonefriend1

    Carburetor issues

    Thank you datzenmike for your help, none of that worked, I installed a weber 32/36 and now she runs great again, for the life of me I cannot figure out what gave up the ghost on the original carburetor I even took it apart and cleaned everything again and it was still being a bitch.. so I bought the weber.
  2. Thatonefriend1

    Carburetor issues

    "Did you find dirt/sediment or water in the float chamber???" A little dirt, at the base of the fuel bowl, I cleaned all that out and cleaned out the jets even though they looked fine. Replaced all gaskets as stated above. "The idle circuit is totally separate from everything else so it should still idle even with the primary plug." I figured this as the idle mixture adjustment didn't seem to affect part throttle at all. "Look for a large vacuum leak like the brake booster hose. Get someone with needle nose pliers to pinch any hose attached to the intake while you start it and see if there is an improvement." Got rid of all hoses and replaced with new. Replaced the Intake Manifold Gasket, the gasket between the Intake manifold and the exhaust manifold heat riser. It will run fine in the garage and doesn't start acting up till I start moving. After a short distance, I feel power drop off and then it just wants to die with part throttle, it will idle its way home, and then once its shut off and started again its fine. float level is fine Idle cutoff solenoid is fine choke gets set with throttle application and opens as the engine warms Should I just get a Weber, or does this not sound like a carburetor issue at this point. "Check that the EGR valve is closing. (it should be closed at idle)" Blocked off as I broke the feed line from the exhaust manifold during this troubleshooting, fitting on the EGR manifold broke when removal was attempted. I guess it has improved since original, it does not die unless the gas pedal is applied, it just bogs down. and still the same story of the accelerator pump will slowly boost RPM high enough to keep it floored (after many pumps) but from even a little throttle input to just under full throttle, the gas pedal acts like a kill switch. Plugs indicate shes rich after this happens. So maybe the carburetor is dumping too much fuel at part throttle? The car had sat for many years in front of the second owner's house since the early 1990's only has 37000 miles.. I was surprised how clean the carburetor was before I cleaned it (not that, that did anything) I'm at a loss...
  3. Thatonefriend1

    Carburetor issues

    Hey dudes, So I am having an issue with my 1978 Datsun B210, On my way to work yesterday just driving normally, I feel it lose power, I floor it and it came back. Only while the pedal is floored though. Zero part throttle power (doesnt even stay running unless I keep pumping the gas. I figured something was blocking fuel to the primary, so I pull the carb apart and found nothing, Re assembled with new gaskets and a new power valve. Got it back on the car and the same shit happens, I've checked most of the vacuum lines and nothing is even helping a little. Got any Ideas? (I live in an apartment so no fancy tools here)

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