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    1966 520 & 1971 521
  1. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I have lots to think about now before moving on with that one.
  2. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    I hadent thought of cutting the top off. Ill consider that. I hope to get it over to my brothers and up on a lift to do some measuring and see if the frame is tweaked. I cant really cut and weld but i can get help in that area. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    That's a cool ride. I like the extended cab and is that a unibody? Ive never seen that before.
  4. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    Pillar behind driver side was damaged by large mailbox hoop. Twisted the top of the cab a bit. Enough to shatter the back glass and cause a 1/4 or more gap in the door alignment. Lower part at back of the cab was damaged as well.
  5. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    The cab was damaged in an accident. A replacement cab for a 65-66 is really what i am after. I see what you mean now on the extra radiator room. Yes, those inner fenders would all have to be removed and swapped.
  6. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    What I have is a 66 single headlight 520 and I am looking for a replacement cab. I was told somewhere that the 520 cab from a 65-66 was the only option I would have however I have a 71 521 as well and when I take measurements of its cab it looks like they are the same. I could use a cab from say a 67 -71 just fine maybe. I haven't even looked at engine swaps yet as I hope to keep the j13 that is currently still running and in the 520. Oh, and I am out in Saint Helens, OR
  7. Shignog

    65-66 cab versus 67 and up

    Ok. Ive searched and searched but i cannot find info on the differences in the 65-66 520 cab versus 67 and up. I know i have seen comments stating that the engine compartment is 3" shorter in the 65-66, but is that because the fenders are longer/shorter or frame length, the firewall sticking out more or the cab altogether is different? I am not sure. I have measured my 66 against my 71 and to me they look swappable. Is this true? Or am i limited to using only a cab from 65-66? Thanks ahead of time for any info on this.
  8. Shignog

    Disc brake conversion. 66 520

    Fantastic, thank you for the info.
  9. Shignog

    Disc brake conversion. 66 520

    New member here. Looking for a kit to convert the king pin front drums to disk. I saw an older thread but it seems the links just take me back to the post. Anyone know or have the needed parts list to do this?

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