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    Shift Boot?

    Yes, I have seen the round boot, but I have always had the oval on my '72 'Goon. Here is the one I ordered, hopefully it is the correct one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shift-Gear-Lever-Boot-Cover-Rubber-for-Nissan-Patrol-Y60-GQ-NQ-160J/272801940711?fits=Make%3ADatsun%7CModel%3A510&epid=678600439&hash=item3f844344e7:g:NccAAOSwRYBZjoU~

    Shift Boot?

    Thanks to all for the replies. I had seen the Thailand boot & another from Mexico, but hesitated because both of the sellers had less than 100% positive feedback. I now went ahead & ordered the Thailand one. I just thought that someone might know of a better one available, I already checked with my dealer (less than a mile from my house) to no avail. The same Nissan Dealer invited my local car club to display their mostly american cars for a promotion / party. I brought my 'Goon. I was really surprised that only one of the staff / salesmen, had a clue that it was a 1972 Nissan!

    Shift Boot?

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a decent quality OEM shifter boot for a 510? Thanks...

    Better Seats?

    The original seats in my 'Goon are getting pretty tired. I'm sure there are 50 differant seats that others have installed, but which donor-cars seats are the easiest?

    Project: 72 Green Wagon

    Hello, This is my first post on this site. I've been driving my stone-stock wagon (CHITBOX) for 25 years. I can't find it now, but somewhere you were talking about upgrading to Z-Struts & brakes, how did that go? I was thinking of making the upgrade for the better brakes & easier to find shocks & replacement parts. What year ZX is the correct donor for the most straight forward swap? Is there a way that does not require camber plates? Can you simply bolt on the Z struts, & use them with the stock master-cylinder & rear brakes? thanks.........

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