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  1. Hey, Ratsun. A friend recommended I pay you a visit. I hadn't owned a car in a while and wanted one I'd care about. I dropped 1800 USD on a 1983 280zx turbo that hadn't come out of the garage in about 8 years. I knew going into this that the car already had issues, and would have more. What I hadn't expected, is that nobody seems to know what the issue ultimately is. I started this thread because I want to share my noob journey with Turbo Turbo, Turbo Turbo (Turbo Hypercube), but it'd be awesome if anybody here has any insight. Here's what works: -Window and mirror motors/switches -Air conditioner/heater -Power steering (repaired). Drove without for weeks. Turbo was nicknamed "Zoolander" by a local. -All lights (sorta) -dash lighting -most gauges After blowing through a few fuel filters, a new battery, and the uninstalled "new" alternator that came with the car, it became clear that turbo had some more insidious issues. (here's turbo on the way home from the seller's house.) It does this thing where it takes a few tries to start. Depending on turbo's mood, it may or may not die when put in reverse at low RPM. (the longer it's been since a battery charge, the harder it is to start, and the more likely it seems to die when backing out.) When I first got it drivable, it'd damn near die at every stoplight if I didn't keep a light foot on the gas. It does better now, but still can't tolerate, say, a long wait in a drive-thru. The fine classic car guys who take care of turbo - the only shop in the neighborhood who would touch it, by the way - have cycled through a lot of possible causes: Fuel pump replaced. Plugs replaced (twice). Fuel pressure regulator replaced; lines blown clean. Battery connections replaced. Mystery hint: The fuel gauge is only sort-of-broken. If the tank is completely full, the gauge will show that it is half to 3/4 full. The gauge shows empty long before the tank agrees. I estimate the car gets 14.1 MPG in its current condition. Lately, turbo is pretty good about taking long trips, not shuddering at highway speeds, and not reeking of mold (finally). These days, just trying to crank it a few times won't start it, though - I really have to pump the gas hard and fast to get it going. I have zero regrets about this car - everyone thinks it's awesome, despite the serious rust! - but it definitely has a long road ahead. Feels kinda cool to know that nobody else I know has the patience to drive this car, though. (chillin wit ya boi turbo) Next goal: trying to get the hood replaced!

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