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  1. tzagi

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    Noo... If a core is returned $100 is refunded out of $250
  2. tzagi

    California approved engine swaps.

    Please provide one documented example. Just one will do. Over 30 years I have swapped many frames, built frankensteins. and much worst. NEVER EVER have I had ANY issues with the DMV and or any other law enforcement agency. if anything, I had nothing but thumbs up from them. There is no need for the scare tactics.
  3. tzagi

    California approved engine swaps.

    Old phrase... Everybody pees in the pool...just not from the diving board! So no...but if you are to graft a 620 body onto a raptor frame and drive train...(I seen much worst), come to think about it....not a bad idea at all.
  4. tzagi

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    To each their own..
  5. tzagi

    California approved engine swaps.

    Not wrong. and no one cares about frame numbers. If your frame is rusted and you replace it with another? what then?when you buy a frame does it need a title? Think about it, by law there is no part of a car or truck that you cannot replace to effect the title status. PS...and if you add disc brakes on your 76..then what. I done that in the past on a 73, nasty biz...you gotta alter the a-arms...would have been simpler to just change the frame.
  6. tzagi

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    He Is serious alright... here is a quote: I sell good used ones for 150.00 plus a 100.00 core charge. For your old one to be acceptable as a trade in, all the metal must be in good shape. I can also get an aftermarket pulley that only has one groove so it won’t handle AC. They sell for about 215.00. Let me know. Oliver yes, I have been eyeballing the JY, we got a 280zx and a 83 maxima. I suppose I'll be there Friday busting my knuckles....and I was trying to avoid that!
  7. tzagi

    California approved engine swaps.

    You know...there is another way. but first..an introduction, what makes vehicle A year x? Farme? cab? body?. No to all. what makes a vehicle a 76 instead of a 79 is the vin plates and associated title. Shop around for a junked 76 or older and buy the title and plates, even from out of state...doesn't matter, transfer (rivet) them to your 79, go register it. Win win. Done that a few times over the years, never had an issue, once the dmv inspector (Reno Nevada) even complimented on the "good job"
  8. tzagi

    280z harmonic balancer interchange question

    Emailed him....he wants $150 PLUS $100 core....Somebody is "high"
  9. I'm having a hard time finding a balancer at a sane price, what other engines can the balancer be sourced from?, how about a L20B? or the z24? going by looks alone ....it looks the same.
  10. tzagi

    Help ID please...Fuel door latch

    Thanks and that was my hunch...however google could not confirm or deny.
  11. I' m still going thru my 25 + years collection of Datsun parts and I came across 2 of these, to the best of my recollection these are fuel door latches but to what exactly? Please shed some light... https://www.dropbox.com/s/r954w5cbpiohiu7/2017-09-17%2015.24.04.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/csjzitcpor83f2f/2017-09-17%2015.24.13.jpg?dl=0
  12. No mods to the lock or the body, all fits as the original using the original locking clip. Thanks for the welcome....I may be a nube....only owned and fixed Datsuns....since 1988, back then everything was easy...today I have to get creative, for example: I also need an ignition lock and then I figured..why do I need an ignition lock when I can get a rfid based push button system delivered to my house for like $20 A write up will follow when installed.
  13. I suppose...that if you were to weld the holes on the original arms shut and then recut the correct pattern duplicating the late model arms..and its not a simple pattern to say the least, its possible however not worth the effort IMO. Specially when a very simple solution is available..
  14. tzagi

    Who can identify this front suspension??

    Correct! Back in the late 80's I picked up a 74 620 for $250 Set up for a sbc....and the only thing missing...is the motor, everything else, including all the hardware came with it. Anyway...I dumped in a 283 and it was undrivable, at the time I found a whole front end off a 79 620 for like $50 and decided to swap it in, the major culprit (to my recollection) were the bottom a arms, so I had a buddy with a tig welder "adjust" them to size.....it worked. Only god knows what happened to the truck by now....it was a neat peace of socal history.

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