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  1. my65ss

    Transfer Case Question

    How do you post pics?? The search function doesn't work either.
  2. my65ss

    Tie Rod ends for 75 620 4x4

    I have gone to a couple of local shops and so far all that I have been able to come up with is that the top 2 are not 75 Nissan or 75 Jeep CJ5. From the shape of them they look like a 80 Nissan 720 pickup but then that is 5 years newer than when they made this a 4x4.
  3. my65ss

    Tie Rod ends for 75 620 4x4

    I am looking to see if anyone has the replacement part #'s for the inner and outer tie rods on a converted 75 620 4x4. There is the lower tie rods that connect the two knuckles and then there is an upper on the right side and that shaft goes to the steering box. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. my65ss

    Rear Pinion Seal #

    I have a 75 620 longbed 4x4 conversion. The rear pinion seal is leaking. Does anyone have the pinion seal #. All I can find is the outer axle seal # of 1979. Thanks in advance
  5. I picked up a 75 620 that has been converted to 4x4 by a dealer back in the day out of Oregon. I have figured out from research that the front axle is a Dana 30 with the stock 620 brakes. The transfer case is a Divorced Dana 20. I was in the process of changing all the fluids out to 80w90 Lucas and when I drained the Transfer Case it was ATF. I have done some searches and have found that most use Gear Oil and then some use ATF. Some have even said that an aluminum case uses ATF and that Gears use ATF but a Chain drive uses Gear Oil. I have tried the search function on here and it says that it is not supported, not sure what that means so here I am with this post. So the question is WHAT KIND OF FLUID DOES THE DIVORCED DANA 20 TAKE and how much???? Thanks!

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