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  1. kyuji

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    Just a little update. I've machined the most of the adapter plate except for the center hole to clear the flywheel and the holes to mount to the block. The mill is an Index Model 55 I restored. It uses a 3/4HP DC motor (NEMA 56C) with a KBMM-125 controller. Yeah that's tin foil protecting the ways, heh. Anyway the plan is to machine a doodad that will fit in the center of the front main transmission bearing that fits in the 240sx transmission bell housing. Doodad will contain a piece of drill rod that will extend to the plate that will be bolted on to the bellhousing (alignment dowels ensure perfect fit). Center of drill rod will mark the centerline of where the mainshaft will be relative to that plate and will be the center of the clearance hole for the flywheel/main shaft/crank. I will first bore that hole out to some smaller size and use the back of the crank to fit that plate onto the engine block assembly to hold it while I mark where I need the block-to-plate holes (probably using transfer punches).
  2. kyuji

    stay away from Hagerty classic car insurance

    Personally, I'll probably just get a Surety Bond or some type of broadform if I can't get that. This is the reason --- you can't count on insurance for anything really except liability, theft and maybe, MAYBE some vandalism. Forget collision, etc. Some c**t in a Honda yaking on her cellphone slammed into my 93 LS400 the week after I got it, and guess what, the insurance company said "f**k you". Yeah, f all insurance except bare minimum liability. Get all the spares you can ahead of time, cheap. On a related note, maybe you should look into getting Acrylic or Polycarbonate formed windows (don't know about a whindshield). That's what I'm doing for my 240sx because some punks broke the quarter windows.
  3. kyuji

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    Just another pic to let yall know this project's still alive: Making a pattern for the tranny adapter plate. (acrylic looks effed up because I left the protective film on) I scored an SC14 supercharger from a Previa and a Cannon intake for a Weber downdraft. Going to do suckthrough. That will be easier to adapt than the eaton.
  4. kyuji

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/d/datsun-roadster/6230381209.html 67 Datsun Roadster Fairlady
  5. Yeah this is a bad idea. Lets assume you can bore it out straight enough and also able to get the propper oil clearence. You still have a critical problem. The pin end of the connecting rod isn't a proper bearing surface and isn't designed to hold a film of oil like the material of the bushing.
  6. kyuji

    L20B cheap reliability parts

    Honestly what is wrong with points ignition? There is good and bad to everything. Many times points has as much good than bad. With points you have the potential to just throw your hands up and run solid core wires and a more powerful coil for an unbeatable spark!
  7. kyuji

    N-VCT delete?

    the QG is FWD in everything I know of (maybe there's some weird AWD JDM stuff), this came out of a '05 Sentra. I'm in the process of adapting it to RWD application (adapter plate+KA24E trans into a 240SX) It's in the thread called "GA16DE RWD" (I continued an old thread since the engines are close and that thread was the inspiration).
  8. kyuji

    N-VCT delete?

    It's possible I broke it when I removed it as I didn't follow the FSM proceedure exaclty. I got the engine from Pick-Y-Pull, so I never got to see it run. It didn't have the n-cvt solenoid actuator on it, so I'd need to go to pick-y-pull and get one ---- but people usually snatch up stuff like that (and the MAF, CAS, etc etc). The stock ignition needs a CAS that is absent from the engine, an ECU that I didn't get, coils that weren't there, a harness that wasn't there/i cut into getting the engine out of the car, etc etc. The easy way is to just use a distributor, and then a GM 5-pin HEI module (like the 4 pin module but has a retard pin), and a coil. I guess I COULD do a megajolt but I don't see the advantage. I can design and machine a flange, I was just curious if this has been done before. Another reason I don't care about the N-VCT is that I'm going to use an eaton m62 blower on this engine, so I don't want/need any intake/exhaust overlap. BTW this was an issue on the GA16DE RWD project that the guy faced -- that engine used a distributor that hung off the rear of the cylinder head which jutted agains the firewall. Just doing it this way would provide a starting point for someone that wanted to pick up the GA16DE RWD where the author left off also (I personally don't have any plans to tinker with GA16 though).
  9. kyuji

    N-VCT delete?

    Has this been done (sorry search function is broken)? I've got my QG18de appart and i've got the N-VCT cam phaser apart (it was broken to begin with). Looks like it would be a pretty simple affair to make a flange to mount to the sprocket (i.e. a flange that would mount where the phaser was). The reason for me wanting to do this: a) The control valve was missing when I got the engine, I don't want to have to buy another b ) simpler c) by making a flange I could also adapt the distributor I have from an '83 pulsar nx so it runs off the intake cam d) the engine is going to be boosted anyway so vvt isn't as critical I've got some pics I'll post later to show what I'm talking about
  10. kyuji

    Wrecking Yard Report

    I'm pretty sure this is one of the yards/recyclers in Walton, but I don't know since I didn't call the guy. I'd jump on this if I had a place to put it. Too busy with my current project. Too bad, this thing looks pretty clean underneath the crud! https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/6193437453.html 1974 260z, $950.
  11. kyuji

    GA16DE RWD trans?

  12. kyuji

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    head block mains block front nice crank: nice cams. Connecting rods and pistons with lots of carbon buildup. When I removed the oil pan it seemed the rods were loose enough to be knocking. The connecing rod bearings weren't too bad though. I was thinking about using this since it came to me basically for free. Behold! A fairly sludgy VK56DE from a 2006(?) Titan. I'm not going to use it right now because I hate work, pain, and having another summer with a non-running 240sx: Alright, here we have an intake from an E16i (I believe I got it from an '88 Nissan Sentra "sport coupe" from the pick-y-pull (my spanglish nick-name for a local yard) . I had some store credit to use at the time and thought it would come in handy in the future. Next to it is an intercooler from a 89 Mazda 626 turbo (F2T). Then an oil cooler from god knows what. It was on the ground at pick-y-pull. This is a QG18DE intake gasket on top of the flange of the e16i intake. Here I have it positioned so the bolt holes mostly line up. The intake runners do not. However, the intake runners have almost the same cross section. Here I repositioned the gasket so we can see that: I have two Hitachi DCH340s that I could possibly adapt to that intake for a blowthrough application. That's the gist for now. More to come.
  13. kyuji

    GA16DE RWD trans?

    I'm here to bring this bitch back to life!!!! Instead of the GA16DE I am going to use a QG18DE for my currently engineless 89 240sx (tasteless? who cares). The 240 will be getting a different engine later, but I want this thing running again. I have a QG that I got from the local pick-y-pull yard. The mouthbreather at the counter rang it up as a bare block (LOL) so I got it for $68 instead of $200+! I already have an intake from an E16 (?) which almost fits (flange and ports are like 1/8" off. So I could use that to do a carb or TBI setup If I wanted (make an adapter flange). Another fun fact is the pilot bushing size is very close to fitting the KA transmission (the inside diameter). Neat, eh? The engine is small enough that the KA bellhousing will allow for the QG starter to be used. Another plus is the QG's starter is oriented like a normal RWD engine's would be -- coming from the front. I'll snap some pics and attach later. Edit: I'll put pics up tomorrow. This post might sound trollish but I figure the qg/ga is worth the effort since there are tons of them in the junkyard (esp. pick-y-pull type places). I figure some people might want this as a swap option for older Nissan/datsun RWD platforms, so it's worth the effort. Turboed, I figure it might not be the fastest, but still fun. There are FWD turbo builds on the QG that get ~220whp on stock internals without problems. IIRC the CA18DE exhaust flange is close to the GA or QG flange also (lots of of choices for turbo manifold on the CA).

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