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  1. just bought a set of 2 tone front turn lights, (the one under the head lights) they one came with 1 wire one each light. does anyone know how to hook these up? thanks in advance
  2. Ran into a a87 open chamber head for a great deal. question is can i bolt it on my 521 l4 engine? head about compression issues and valve tap. thanks in advance
  3. very helpful, would you happen to have the high beam relay location diagram?
  4. Head light switch turns on high beams. Iam not sure if this truck has a colum control high beam or the light switch is a 2 position switch. Also want to ask about the trans slop on my truck. feels like 3rd gear is out the pass window. is there anything i can do to make it a little tighter? Thanks
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    looking to sell ka swap for 521, engine, trans, hareness, ecm, and engine mounts. live in orlando fl. text me for pics 917 3623162


    , Florida

  6. looking for ka engine swap mount source. the one pinned on the write doesnt work. thanks
  7. wheres your trailer queen?
  8. Notice the JDM grenade!JEJEJE
  9. does anyone know if i can stuff titan steel rims under my 71 521? the guy has them on a hardbody and look pretty nice.
  10. on my picture of pigtail. is it the slot on the right? which would be the blue wire?
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