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  1. Picking away at little jobs on the niva today. Got the inner arch repair panel all seam sealed and painted the inside: And did some careful initial cuts to figure out how much I'm going to chop out of the rear wheelarch. The inner arch flange rusting is a pain, but nothing I can't solve. Not sure yet if I'll remake the factory 90deg bend and slot-welded connection, or just remake the inner vertical bit and stitch-weld it to the (repaired) outer skin like I did with my Z - that would make it easier to trim for tire clearance in the future if desired and should also be less prone to rusting again than the 'two-layers-sandwiched-on-each-other' stock method that seems to always result in rust in every car eventually.
  2. it took a bit of cutting/grinding, but indeed not much lol. Got the new piece made and in yesterday. The template will be handy for the other side when i inevitably have rust there too. Now just to decide what to do about the brace piece (may make something on the inside-the-car side, possibly)
  3. I have been rather lucky to end up with some neat stuff over the years 🙂 . Just need a rally-spec 510 for a year-round daily driver now haha. --------------------------------- More progress today, got the driver's side footwell painted so I can put the carpet etc back in soon: And dug into the rust behind the wheelarch brace piece thingy. Was worse than I'd hoped but about as I'd expected. the reinforcing "rib" in it acted like a moisture trap I suppose, and all went downhill from there. Really bad design IMO, I may abandon my plan to re-create a replacement panel and instead try to add some bracing to the inside (in the cargo area) as it'll not see water there and shouldn't repeat what happened here. I'll get to chopping and patching next time.
  4. On to the door today. Cut out the bad section of outer skin: Made up a 180deg flange, and welded it on. I realized as I went that the door has a bit of a bulge along its length; I could have pulled the piece that I'd made off but I didn't think I'd be able to get it perfect anyway so I opted to weld it on as is and will give it a skim of filler to smooth it out later. Seam-sealed the inside lip too, and then gave it some paint (pic after paint was terrible so didn't include): On to the rear wheel arch and the brace panel inside the inner wheelarch.
  5. Got the fender repair all done today, and threw some paint on the rocker to see how it'll look. I'll be going over all the imperfections from welding with a skim coat of filler of course. Rattlecan paint i found isn't perfect, but good enough for now so the car ends up being all blue instead of primer everywhere. SHe'll get professionally painted eventually, but for now, getting it on the road is the goal. Onwards to the little bit of work the door needs and the rear wheel arch.
  6. It's nowhere near as bad as the Z was happily, I'm making steady progress 🙂 . ------------------------- Decided to get the front fender patch mostly on today. Didn't do the top seam yet as it'll need a bit of tweaking to sit right by the wheelarch and I didn't feel like it today. figured out what I needed to cut: Welded: And cleaned up. Body line/crease isn't perfectly alignes, but good enough for me (I sure wasn't about to modify the new panel to adjust it, and that would be what would have to happen) and I honestly doubt it was amazing from the factory given some of the other craftsmanship I've seen on this car haha. I'll do the top edge and final finishing of the panel another day, and then this corner of the car is fully done as far as metalwork.
  7. Haven't updated this thread in a while, but have been tinkering away on the bike. Rewired all of the brake light circuit so it all works, did a LED headlight conversion, and purchased a CT200 (the bike before the ct90) center stand and boot brake pedal and modified it to work on the 90 (the 200 assembly was FAR cheaper on ebay than 90 specific stuff and it only required me to lengthen the legs of the stand and some other misc.). Finally got around to pulling the head off again the other day to diagnose/fix the oil leak that the bike has had for a while now. Can you spot the issue lol? [/url] Somehow the headgasket dropped down a bit last time the head was installed, whoops. These CTs are unkillable though, other than the oil leak (HG sandwiched between head and barrel let oil leak from the chain passage) the bike ran perfectly, started first time, etc. if it wasn't for the oil leak I'd never have pulled it apart. Happily i had a new one from the gasket set I ordered when I pulled the head off the first time. I didn't use it then as the OD was slightly too large for some reason, but 5 minutes with a file and scotchbrite pad on the copper gasket fixed that right up. While it was off, I added a horizontal brace piece to the tube uprights of the skidplate, should make it more resilient to smacking something from below and then bending these outwards. And with that it's pretty much ready to go get a safety inspection and license plates whenever I get around to that (probably spring). Rolled it outside this evening to have a look at the effectiveness of the LED headlight:
  8. Hmm, that is good to know! Something to try out whenever I next make an exhaust I suppose, would be neat to experiment with. --------------------- New fan clutch showed up, so swapped that out. Old one was locked up solid (aka fan always matching engine rpm), but at some point after I parked it for the winter it seems to have freed up and started leaking out of the center seal. All the more reason to replace. New one is from Aisin.
  9. Ok, more Niva work today 🙂 . Finished up boxing in the inner rocker section; made the front cap, inner wall, and a threaded mount for the lower hole in the splashguard. Aimed for strength versus factory-correctness as all of this repair will be hidden, made everything from 16ga so should be nice and beefy. Next up will be the fender repair, and then this corner of the car will be 100% done as far as metalwork goes. From there, bottom edge of the door, and then the rear wheelarch.
  10. Tinkering away at little projects, made some interior doorhandles yesterday. Nothing fancy but will do the job just fine till I eventually get door cards etc. A lot better than pulling on the inner door structure to close it lol.
  11. Thanks all! I'm going to give the magnaflow a go and if I don't like it with this setup I can save it for another project. And yeah slowlearner, full agreement there. Loud is fun in the short term but I want to comfortably drive this everywhere and anywhere as much as I can without it being obnoxious, so a bit quieter is for the best.
  12. More progress! Inner rocker section welded in, and jack point + subframe outrigger on top of that. Next up will be to box the rest of the inner rocker in, then on to the front fender repair.
  13. It's nice to finally be getting back at it 🙂 . Started with some small stuff today. Got the d/s rear jack point all welded in. The jack lifts the car up without the jack point crushing up into the rocker now, which is a great success compared to the previous rusty mess. And got the inner rocker replacement section cut to size and mocked up. It won't be going on for a little while yet, but once I chop off the fender section to re-do I won't have any point of reference as to how far forward the leading edge of the inner rocker should be, so had to get this part out of the way. Next up, a bunch of chopping and grinding, then I can start welding on the new bits.
  14. Yep! 2.5" resonator and then the exhaust goes up to 3" and there's the muffler (although tbh the current muffler is probably more a 2nd resonator than a muffler haha).
  15. Now that the Z is done (well, no project is ever truly done, but y'know) and my motorcycle only needs 1 little thing for it to be road legal come the spring, I figure I should finally get off my ass this winter and try to get the Niva on the road. Dug out all the metal needed to compete the driver's side. I'll be re-doing the half completed front fender repair; it was the very first welding job i really ever did and, well, it's not great as far as fitment or weld quality. I also put it on first for some reason, when it would make sense to do the inner rocker, middle brace piece, frame outrigger, and jack point first for easier access, so all the more reason to pull it off and go again. Work will begin soon 🙂 .
  16. Thanks! It has been super exciting to finally have it be a car again to say the least 🙂 I meant to update here sooner, but have been too focused on driving the wheels off the 260z as much as possible before the winter. I also went to a few meets, and did a fun-run with a bunch of other S30 guys in my area. Someone at the car show I was at in my previous post took some nice pics of the car and sent me them which was nice: With cold weather here and snow likely soon, I parked the Z last week. I have some little stuff planned to do to it over the winter, but nothing major; it's almost a bit odd to not have any massive jobs to do on it at long last. In no particular order: -make interior door handles (I'm grabbing the interior doorskin itself to close the door right now lol) -replace interior right turn signal indicator bulb (it's burnt out, and the car is too loud for me to hear if the turn signal relay is clicking) -adjust doors to latch better -get an AFR gauge/o2 sensor - I'm pretty sure the car is getting terrible MPGS (or the fuel gauge is lying, but most likely the former) , and this seems like the best way to get them dialed in nicely and will be handy for future EFI plans -replace the muffler. I love the sound it makes but good lord it's loud. Would like to drive the car without needing earplugs, and maybe even put a radio in eventually (pointless currently with the noise). Video doesn't really get the sheer volume across, but does show what it sounds like. Keep in mind the camera is inside the car and the noise is still blowing the mic out a bit lol. My current plan is this magnaflow muffler and some 3" stainless for a tip, although if anyone has other options I'm all ears. Goal is same good sound but much quieter so I can do a roadtrip without hating life. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B000COVAAI/
  17. That roof looks like it could be made to fit pretty well honestly, the curve seems pretty similar at least at the front. I'd say just cut it where the old roof curves down sharply to the drip rail, but I see that the raised roof bar section could pose an issue. Could section the new roof in half and narrow it but you'd want to do it with it lying on the current roof to try to help it keep its shape.
  18. Went to another car show this past weekend - ended up being a turnout of 3-400 cars. I barely took any pics unfortunately, but it was a good time. The Z got a ton of attention too which was awesome, people loved to talk about it and for me to explain the work that went into it. They had a videographer at the show too who grabbed a fair bit of footage and pics of my car which was super cool, if/when that vid comes out I'll post it up here. On the way home I noticed that the car had developed a very slight misfire (only noticeable at idle at red lights, one cylinder misses every few seconds if that) - this was right near the end of the drive after about 160km of highway driving, so I'm wondering if it was just fuel boiling issues or similar as I don't yet have a heatshield below the carbs. Pulled the plugs today to check, and am pretty happy. Was hard to get a good in-focus pic, but all are tan, with no signs of oil blow-by, flooding, running super lean, etc. I've put 700km on the car since the rebuild at this point, so seems like a decent indicator that all is well. Considering I rebuilt everything myself with basic tools and the help of youtube/forums, and the bottom-end is totally unknown, I am pleased.
  19. Took the Z to its first ever couple of meets/shows today (probably one of the last times this year stuff was running). Car got a lot of interest which was cool, spent a lot of time chatting to people about it. She's still working perfectly mechanically, only issue I had was the wipers deciding not to work while going down the freeway and sudden rain started, which was an interesting experience. Had my head out the window to be able to see lol. That'll be first on the priority list to fix, I'm not likely to drive this in the rain much but I want to make sure I can safely do so if desired/needed. Overall, put 150+ km on the car without a hitch and had a great time!
  20. Many thanks! Sunk cost fallacy maybe, but after a certain point I was committed to get it done no matter what. The rust and salt aren't taking this one 🙂 . ---------------------------------------- Went for the first shakedown run today, happily no issues to report at all. I did nearly do a dumb by leaving the headlights on while I got a burger, but after a few attempts it fired the starter instead of just clicking and fired back up. Will probably want a bigger battery eventually, this one is probably too small for the car but it's what I had lying around. Gas gauge works, which is nice; put 30L into the tank and ended up right at half on the gauge. Car is loud and rattly as you'd expect, but rides really nicely all things considered. Temp gauge never even got up to half, settled in steady at about 1/3 sweep.
  21. @BrothersGarage - Thanks! It's still a bit surreal tbh, I've been working on this thing so long it being on the road always seemed like a "someday" thing. @Skib - Sweet, definitely will do! If I'm ever out in cali I may take you up on those doors too, would be nice to just bolt on a good set and be done with them for good. @Racer X 69 - lol, bit late for that but I assure you it was delicious. ----------------------------------- Worked on the little stuff that needed fixing today. Wipers weren't wiping, pulled them off and realized the splined mounting surface was gunked up with pot metal from previous slippage. Cleaned them out with a knife, added some loctite to the nut, and tightened both arms up a fair bit. Next up, turn signals. Pulled the switch apart, cleaned the contacts, and bent the center pivot slightly. Back in action. While I was at it I blasted all the linkage stuff with carb cleaner then some dry graphite lubricant - it is so much freer and smoother now, and returns to center properly. Lastly, dialed the rear coilovers up 10mm. Should solve the rubbing issue on the left corner when going over bumps.
  22. Much appreciated! Went looking for one pretty last-minute and shipping to Canadaland would have taken a while but I very much appreciate it all the same. Amusingly the driver's door window is smoother than the non-modified passenger one lol. ---------------------------------- All road legal as of this afternoon! Went and got poutine to celebrate 🙂 . Someone at the garage messed up pulling off the dealer plate and somehow broke a small chunk out of the right taillight surround, but they were able to find the piece so I've since glued it back in good as new. Stuff happens, could be worse. Turn signals weren't really playing ball on the way home so need to pull the switch apart in the next day or two and clean/refresh everything. That, raise the rear ~15mm, and adjust the wiper arms, and that's about it for things that need to change right now.
  23. Well, she's at the garage waiting to get the toe set and a safety inspection done 🙂 . I need to raise the rear 10-15mm as it was rubbing under right turns, but no other issues to report.
  24. Final day of getting stuff done today; bunch of misc. (pass. door lock, adjust carbs, loctite license plate bolts, and suchlike), as well as the last big job - make the 260z window regulator that I have work in the 240z door. No luck sourcing a 240z regulator on short notice, so door modification it is. It went pretty well IMO, could have gone to more effort to clean the welds, but not worth it for this specific door and a door card would hide it anyway. All painted and all door bits assembled. Door winder works a treat now. And with that, it's done. Well obviously not "done done", a project car is never done and there are of course things I want to modify/improve/change/add as time goes on, but it is 100% ready to go get a safety inspection tomorrow and hit the road. 4.5 years and I don't even want to think about how many thousands of hours and it is done.
  25. Thanks! Your car was rather rough too, props for saving it. I am really glad to be done with the rust repair now I must admit haha. --------------------------------------- On the final stretch now. New wiper blades, had to get a bit creative with the mounting situation as I couldn't find anything that had an adapter to the bayonet-style arms or the plastic bit that was still on them but I made it work lol: hatch trim panel on too after it got some paint: And got the brakes fully bled and working great!. There were a couple leaks I had to deal with (thankfully solved by cranking the heck out of the fittings to make them seat nicely), but overall it went pretty smoothly. Had bought a cheap vacuum pump recently, and used that to get fluid to all 4 corners without having to get someone to pump forever given that the lines were completely empty. Worked a treat, would highly recommend. Got fluid to all 4 corners, then bled the master (thanks Wilwood for including bleeder screws on the MC itself, made it way easier than bench-bleeding), then back to the wheels. Did the final bleed conventionally with the help of a family member although honestly the vacuum bleeder did such a good job that there wasn't any more air coming out I could see. So yeah, it runs, drives, stops, and the clutch works now! Tomorrow I'll try to get the driver's door all assembled, and whatever other misc. I may need to do, then if time allows it'll go off to get a safety inspection done on tuesday. Got the headlights aligned tonight after dusk too, then drove the car into the garage under its own power which was a nice feeling.
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