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  1. Yeah, I'd like to get a rust-free car as a starting point at some point (there's one clean one near me for sale, but the guy wants 4.5k for it), but my current budget doesn't allow that, sadly. It was a LOT of looking just to find one in any condition near me. Also, pretty sure my family would kill me if I get any more cars haha. The seller of this car told me that someone's selling a rust-free rally prepped shell for 1000$ in quebec (seller isn't advertising it online apparently), so I'm thinking I will pick that up next spring if it's still around. Till then, I'll make do with I have, and a lot of welding. Very cool, guess that must have been a dealer option? I didn't think any Justys came with a sunroof. and yep, lots of similarities between the Ladas and Fiats! Makes parts availability even easier. Apparently the twin-cam from the fiat spyder bolts right in to most of the old sedans and the nivas, might be another project for me at some point.
  2. Got one of the front fenders off (other has a stripped bolt, will sort later), and, as I expected, the inner wings will need some work too. Not as bad as the other 2 cars though. Once It's all done and painted, I'm going to bedliner the whole thing and not put the plastic liner back in, as it's what trapped dirt and caused the rust in the first place. Got the front bumper off too. It's actually not in that bad shape, I just need to get the plastic cover off and wire wheel/paint the metal bar. I'm kinda tempted to tube bumper this thing, and the front bodylines lend themselves well to that: Would probably cut off this sheet metal if so: I decided to have a look at the rear bumper too. Good news, I got it off. Bad news, I took it off with my hands and no tools/bolts. Going to see if I can cut the rear lower pan/bumper mount section from one of the parts-cars. The rear lends itself well towards tube bumpers too...
  3. Had a little time free, so I took off the rear arch covers. Looks like they are indeed as bad as I thought. Mmm, crunchy. I'm thinking I have 3 main options to fix them. 1. cut back to good metal, misc patches, weld the inner/outer seams together, paint, and put the covers back on (properly). 2. Cut the arches out of my parts-cars, patch, and weld in. 3. find a car in the junkyard with a similar look and diameter on the front fenders, buy fenders, and cut up/weld in the rear. #2 could be a bit of an issue as the arches on the other 2 cars will need some work too. Also, the parts-cars are 2dr, not 4dr. Thoughts? Also, behold the most interesting radio delete I've ever seen. Gotta work with what you have, I suppose. I'll make a 3d-printed faceplate to replace that, clean up the wiring, and call it good, as I'd only be using a radio for aux-in anyway.
  4. I heard about the Subaru Justy a couple years ago, and wanted one ever since. After all what's not to like? Push-button 4x4, inline 3cyl, Subaru, manual, and a fully-loaded weight of 884kg (1950lb). I ended up finding two to purchase 2 years ago for the princely sum of 700$ for the pair, but they were too rusty to save. I decided to keep them around as future parts-cars for when I eventually found a Justy worth saving. Well, two years later, that time has finally come! I've been away for the past couple of months (driving around the world for charity), and found this Justy on Kijiji while I was away. It took the better part of a month to make it mine, due to wildly different time zones due to my trip and the seller preparing to move out of the country, but after returning last week, I drove 850km yesterday to tow it home. 1.2L/3cyl of power: Unfortunately it has its share of dents and rust, but is still miles better then the other two I have, and is well worth saving. Only rust areas are the fenders, rear hatch, rear quarters, driver's floorpan, rear bumper area, and a couple small spots in the engine bay. The hatch is unfortunately pretty trashed and has rusted thru behind the weatherseal, but luckily I have a complete good-condition hatch I've been holding onto for the past 2 years. Rear quarter rust. Looks like wheel arch covers were put on to cover more rust, will need to dig into that and see how bad it really is. Not sure how the front seat mount got this bad. Probably just going to drill out the spot welds and weld in one of the mounts from my parts-cars if they're in OK shape. The main floor rust. The other floorpan seems to be completely rust free, happily. Should be a relatively easy job to make some new sections, and I'll hammer out the subframe while I'm at it. The rear bumper area will need a lot of work; Going to see if my parts-cars are in good shape here, and just cut/weld if so. Lots of little patches to do otherwise. The parts-cars themselves: Nice clean spare hatch. Current plan is just to get the rust sorted, maintenance done (car has sat for a couple years before I bought it), stick a skidplate and some more lights on it, and have a blast this winter. Going to start tearing it apart over the next few days.
  5. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Not niva specific, but I've been doing a car restoration/metalwork course at a local college to improve my bodywork skills. Much happier with my welding skills now (done on one of the college's gas mig welders): Going to bring in my flux-core welder next week to practice and get some tips. Side note, I really should get a die-grinder now, it made cleaning the above weld up so much easier.
  6. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Decided to see how bad the pass. side floor was, so I removed the carpet and sound deadening. Looks like water got under things at some point, and the primer put under the sound deadening panels is all but gone: a bit of wire-wheeling later, this is the only spot that needs replacing (about the size of a postcard). The rest of the rust was just surface. I was a bit surprised by that , as the subframe outrigger directly below the floor looks like swiss cheese: I will eventually get around to removing the seats and all floor interior trim to check for additional rust (despite not seeing any from the bottom), as I came across this under the sound deadening (that's the floor/trans tunnel joint); just surface for now, but I want to eradicate anything else like that before it takes hold.
  7. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Cut up the rest of the replacement rocker panel: and test-fit: What it'll be replacing: Going to need to rebuild the inner rocker here at some point:
  8. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Tine for another update. While the exterior repair isn't done yet (need to cut/weld in a couple of sections as mentioned in the previous post), I decided to get some other parts of the repair made as I didn't feel like welding much today. Started by hammering, slicing, and tacking the outer rocker repair until it was fully inline with the rest of the rocker: Cut and hammered the middle rocker section into shape: Mocked up: and a wider angle:
  9. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Did a little slicing to make the front of the panel that I welded on fit better (gotta love OEM parts not fitting right), and also fixed a couple spots where I burned through due to being a bit overzealous with the grinder after welding previously. I'm thinking I'll make a little piece like so to eliminate the gap, while also letting me cut out the area I filled back up with tackwelds after burning through. Luckily most of this repair panel won't be seen, so I just need strength, not prettiness. And to make me feel a bit better about my still crappy welds, this is some factory welding on an interior gusset (under the dash):
  10. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    I made a 400km round-trip yesterday to trade a spare fender that I had for some brake parts that I needed for the niva. As I had the rebuild kits sitting around already, I got the front brakes rebuilt today, now with new (to me) casings. And back together: I still need to get the little pin/springs that hold the caliper brackets onto the calipers themselves, but they're otherwise ready to go back on the car. (after I clean up and paint the front suspension).
  11. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Alright, I decided to have another go at welding, now that the weather is getting a bit better. Found a YouTube video a little while back that featured someone welding sheet metal with flux core and a re-branded version of the welder that I have, so I used his settings as a baseline for tweaking. Ended up with heat 2 (out of 4), and wire speed of 1 (of 10). Started with some sheet metal I had lying around: As the metal above was a little thicker gauge than what's on the Niva, I found some scraps leftover from cutting the replacement fender section to fit, and had a go at welding them to make sure I didn't burn through: Good penetration: With that test completed, I cut out a section from my replacement rocker assembly, and had a try at welding it in the car. Great Success! Ground the welds down a bit. I'll need to go through and fix all the missed areas, but it's securely attached to the car, which makes me very happy! Good penetration round back, despite me forgetting to clean off the undercoating. Thhere's still two areas at the ends of the panel where I'll want to add some minor patches for better fitment, as well as to remove some pitted metal at the left side. Obviously my welds aren't great, but they seem plenty strong, and I have a grinder. Can only really get better from here B) . EDIT: and a wider angle. I still need to hammer out the side near the wheel so it lines up better before welding it.
  12. Noll

    Project SNAFU: A '74 260z

    Took some pictures of the progress that I made over the past few months. Stripped off the D/S fender. Pretty solid except where it was brazed on, should be simple to make a replacement section though: P/S fender was the same story, and should also be an easy fix: Also on the P/S fender, I got the dent around the turn signal mostly hammered out, and stripped and roughly hammered the dents in the fender back out. I'll finesse it back properly into shape later. Back to the D/S fender, I hammered out the crease at the front of the arch back roughly into shape. Still need to grind/sand off the remaining brazing rod, but the fender looks solid underneath that at least. And the car in all its glory. I'm going to aim to start stripping the engine bay over the next couple of weeks.
  13. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Surprisingly not; I can get pretty much everything (including body parts) pretty inexpensively from ladapower.com and other europe based stores. I was expecting there to be difficulty when I first got the car, but happily not the case B) .
  14. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Prototype is now printed and in place. No fitment issues, and works as it should:
  15. Noll

    Noll's '82 Lada Niva

    Being an early Niva, mine unfortunately does not have any cupholders. I can see this being annoying, so I decided to rectify the problem myself. There is a rectangular hole in the dash, where the ashtray normally goes; I don't smoke (and wouldn't in a car anyway), so I decided to start there for the cupholder creation: Designed up a simple cupholder to fit in that space. this will be 3d-printed with ABS filament on my printer. I'm currently printing the piece that mounts into the ashtray hole, and if that's a good friction fit like I planned, I'll print and assemble the rest. if not, I'll keep adjusting until it is. I'll also make a faceplate to cover the ash tray front panel once fitment is good.

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