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  1. Went to another car show this past weekend - ended up being a turnout of 3-400 cars. I barely took any pics unfortunately, but it was a good time. The Z got a ton of attention too which was awesome, people loved to talk about it and for me to explain the work that went into it. They had a videographer at the show too who grabbed a fair bit of footage and pics of my car which was super cool, if/when that vid comes out I'll post it up here. On the way home I noticed that the car had developed a very slight misfire (only noticeable at idle at red lights, one cylinder misses every few seconds if that) - this was right near the end of the drive after about 160km of highway driving, so I'm wondering if it was just fuel boiling issues or similar as I don't yet have a heatshield below the carbs. Pulled the plugs today to check, and am pretty happy. Was hard to get a good in-focus pic, but all are tan, with no signs of oil blow-by, flooding, running super lean, etc. I've put 700km on the car since the rebuild at this point, so seems like a decent indicator that all is well. Considering I rebuilt everything myself with basic tools and the help of youtube/forums, and the bottom-end is totally unknown, I am pleased.
  2. Took the Z to its first ever couple of meets/shows today (probably one of the last times this year stuff was running). Car got a lot of interest which was cool, spent a lot of time chatting to people about it. She's still working perfectly mechanically, only issue I had was the wipers deciding not to work while going down the freeway and sudden rain started, which was an interesting experience. Had my head out the window to be able to see lol. That'll be first on the priority list to fix, I'm not likely to drive this in the rain much but I want to make sure I can safely do so if desired/needed. Overall, put 150+ km on the car without a hitch and had a great time!
  3. Many thanks! Sunk cost fallacy maybe, but after a certain point I was committed to get it done no matter what. The rust and salt aren't taking this one 🙂 . ---------------------------------------- Went for the first shakedown run today, happily no issues to report at all. I did nearly do a dumb by leaving the headlights on while I got a burger, but after a few attempts it fired the starter instead of just clicking and fired back up. Will probably want a bigger battery eventually, this one is probably too small for the car but it's what I had lying around. Gas gauge works, which is nice; put 30L into the tank and ended up right at half on the gauge. Car is loud and rattly as you'd expect, but rides really nicely all things considered. Temp gauge never even got up to half, settled in steady at about 1/3 sweep.
  4. @BrothersGarage - Thanks! It's still a bit surreal tbh, I've been working on this thing so long it being on the road always seemed like a "someday" thing. @Skib - Sweet, definitely will do! If I'm ever out in cali I may take you up on those doors too, would be nice to just bolt on a good set and be done with them for good. @Racer X 69 - lol, bit late for that but I assure you it was delicious. ----------------------------------- Worked on the little stuff that needed fixing today. Wipers weren't wiping, pulled them off and realized the splined mounting surface was gunked up with pot metal from previous slippage. Cleaned them out with a knife, added some loctite to the nut, and tightened both arms up a fair bit. Next up, turn signals. Pulled the switch apart, cleaned the contacts, and bent the center pivot slightly. Back in action. While I was at it I blasted all the linkage stuff with carb cleaner then some dry graphite lubricant - it is so much freer and smoother now, and returns to center properly. Lastly, dialed the rear coilovers up 10mm. Should solve the rubbing issue on the left corner when going over bumps.
  5. Much appreciated! Went looking for one pretty last-minute and shipping to Canadaland would have taken a while but I very much appreciate it all the same. Amusingly the driver's door window is smoother than the non-modified passenger one lol. ---------------------------------- All road legal as of this afternoon! Went and got poutine to celebrate 🙂 . Someone at the garage messed up pulling off the dealer plate and somehow broke a small chunk out of the right taillight surround, but they were able to find the piece so I've since glued it back in good as new. Stuff happens, could be worse. Turn signals weren't really playing ball on the way home so need to pull the switch apart in the next day or two and clean/refresh everything. That, raise the rear ~15mm, and adjust the wiper arms, and that's about it for things that need to change right now.
  6. Well, she's at the garage waiting to get the toe set and a safety inspection done 🙂 . I need to raise the rear 10-15mm as it was rubbing under right turns, but no other issues to report.
  7. Final day of getting stuff done today; bunch of misc. (pass. door lock, adjust carbs, loctite license plate bolts, and suchlike), as well as the last big job - make the 260z window regulator that I have work in the 240z door. No luck sourcing a 240z regulator on short notice, so door modification it is. It went pretty well IMO, could have gone to more effort to clean the welds, but not worth it for this specific door and a door card would hide it anyway. All painted and all door bits assembled. Door winder works a treat now. And with that, it's done. Well obviously not "done done", a project car is never done and there are of course things I want to modify/improve/change/add as time goes on, but it is 100% ready to go get a safety inspection tomorrow and hit the road. 4.5 years and I don't even want to think about how many thousands of hours and it is done.
  8. Thanks! Your car was rather rough too, props for saving it. I am really glad to be done with the rust repair now I must admit haha. --------------------------------------- On the final stretch now. New wiper blades, had to get a bit creative with the mounting situation as I couldn't find anything that had an adapter to the bayonet-style arms or the plastic bit that was still on them but I made it work lol: hatch trim panel on too after it got some paint: And got the brakes fully bled and working great!. There were a couple leaks I had to deal with (thankfully solved by cranking the heck out of the fittings to make them seat nicely), but overall it went pretty smoothly. Had bought a cheap vacuum pump recently, and used that to get fluid to all 4 corners without having to get someone to pump forever given that the lines were completely empty. Worked a treat, would highly recommend. Got fluid to all 4 corners, then bled the master (thanks Wilwood for including bleeder screws on the MC itself, made it way easier than bench-bleeding), then back to the wheels. Did the final bleed conventionally with the help of a family member although honestly the vacuum bleeder did such a good job that there wasn't any more air coming out I could see. So yeah, it runs, drives, stops, and the clutch works now! Tomorrow I'll try to get the driver's door all assembled, and whatever other misc. I may need to do, then if time allows it'll go off to get a safety inspection done on tuesday. Got the headlights aligned tonight after dusk too, then drove the car into the garage under its own power which was a nice feeling.
  9. Bunch of misc. jobs today; topped up the coolant now it circulated and got the air out, cleaned out and vacuumed the interior, got the broken bolts out of the chrome door frame for the driver's side ready for when it goes in, and spent a bunch of time troubleshooting the headlight issue. Turned out there are/were two problems - #1 the headlight relay setup I got for cheap off amazon was miswired from factory and I never noticed (one circuit went from 12v from the headlight harness to 12v from the battery instead of to ground like it should), and secondly there's something up with the car's wiring and it wasn't doing anything when the headlight switch was set to low beams. Try as I might I couldn't figure out was wrong with the headlight switch (even took it apart, all looked as it should inside), so I decided to just tee a wire off of one of the front marker lights as they're on in both lo and hi positions, and use that to actuate the low-beam relay. Worked a charm, and I now have fully working headlights. All running lights are working nicely too 🙂
  10. Thanks! Still some kinks to iron out (low-beams don't work for example, I must have mis-wired something in the headlight relay setup), but overall I am super happy. It's a big milestone to hit.
  11. Sadly I don't have the front chrome trim, but I don't think that's the issue here - it sits flat against the A-pillar/roof at the corner, just doesn't have enough rubber there to fill that gap. ------------------------ Today was a really good day. Got the rear carb float issue sorted (filled it up and tapped it with a socket extension till it popped up to where it should be; was just stuck at the bottom when I put the float bowl lid on). Finally got the car running properly under its own fuel system - took a while for it to run on all 6 (was only running off the rear 3 cyls initially till the front carb kicked in), but it runs like a dream now other then some minor occasional backfiring at idle. Most likely need to richen the mixture a little, will look into it. This pic may just look like another pic of the car outside, but it marks the first time it's moved under its own power in probably 20 years. No brakes yet, but reversed to the end of the driveway and came back in 1st. Oil pressure seems good at idle too, car was just coming up to temp here so I shut it off as I probably need to top off the coolant after its probably replaced a bunch of air in the heater box with coolant. Bleed brakes, set toe, finish driver's door assembly, and, well, that's it.
  12. I sure am glad to get to this point instead of "uber mega structural rust" lol Surprisingly, no , original paint as far as I can tell. A pleasant surprise, no bondo or anything hiding. It's been a long 4.5 years, that's for sure. Yeah, there's always stuff I can add/fix/improve as I go, but it has the bones to be enjoyed as-is now. I'm honestly getting a little burnt out with the whole "10-20h a week on the car for idk how many months at this point" so just being able to drive it instead of having to do a ton of paint prep is the right choice IMO. ---------------------------------------------------- Got the glass put in today. All went well, it does seem like the Precision seals fit a bit loose at the top corners of the windscreen though. Anyone run into this? Probably will tape it off carefully and build up the gap with some windscreen adhesive, not a huge deal (and it's just the outer layer, won't let water into the car). Sun visors and rear mirror in now, and got the cowl panel bolted in properly now that the glass is in. had rolled the car outside to get some pics for my insurance company, and decided to recreate a pic of the car from about 3 years ago before i started on thew rust repair: Got the new door on too. Yes the hinges are set too low at the front and the door could go forward a bit, no I won't be fixing it just yet, bigger fish to fry and it latches ok as-is. Took a few hours and lot of creative swearing (and cut up hands), but I got the glass, winder mechanism, and chrome frame all in and working. Getting all the rollers in their tracks while keeping the window from falling down diagonally off of the guides and simultaneously bolting up the window regulator is not enjoyable.
  13. Indeed! I'm still aiming to have it on the road next week some point, even if that means next friday at 11:59pm lol. brake bleeding, coolant bleeding, make sure engine is playing nice (mostly making sure the rear carb float is set right), set toe, and finish assembling the doors and she'll be ready. ----------------------------- 8 hours of driving in a torrential downpour later (seriously, there was insane rain the whole day/evening), I have a passenger door in really solid shape. The only actual rust that will need to be dealt with eventually is that front corner spot, anything else it just bits of surface rust. The 'bad' corner I'll probably just clean, seam seal, and get some paint on for now to keep it from getting worse, but It's not bad enough that I feel the need to do anything about it just yet.
  14. lol! I dunno that I'd call what I did to that door good in any way though - lots of overlapping welds over rust and seam sealer to fill rust holes etc. --------------------------------------- Door on, and front end all adjusted, plus bumper, sidemarkers, grille, etc all on. Got the driver's door opening and locking perfectly, latches/sits nicely enough. I managed to source a clean passenger door, so tomorrow I get to drive 6 or 7 hours roundtrip to go get that. I also need to get some 240z window regulators (a driver's side at least), as the 260z ones are apparently different and the window hits the crash bar. I have a friend looking through his parts for a pair he should have, and if not I know someone with a parts horde that likely has one and another person that definitely has a pair but is 8-9h round trip in the other direction from this door I'm going to get so would like to source some closer ones if possible.
  15. Ok, hackery on the door is complete. As before, precision and final finish weren't really big priorities given that the door is not really worth it, just made sure it was strong enough to use till I find a better door. pretty much all 16ga steel, so probably overbuilt, but that's what I had lying around so ah well. Will stick it on the car tomorrow when stuff has dried, then need to add the window stuff, door latch mechanism stuff, and suchlike.
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