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  1. Some non-metalwork stuff done today, got around to installing some longer studs in the rear end. From the rear of a S14 IIRC, I did the research when I bought them to make sure they would work but that was a while back. And a blurry pic of my janky setup for installing the new studs. A lug nut, a deep 21mm socket, a shallow 21mm socket, some washers and a bunch of lubricating oil to make sure the threads didn't get galled. Nothing fancy, but it worked, I should get a proper lug tool with a bearing etc eventually though.
  2. All solid points. I suppose I omitted that I had done a fair bit of work with the doors on back when I first started a few years back and didn't know the sparks could cause issue, so that's a good part of the reason why I was a bit lassiez-faire about the glass now. That said, it's a good point that this sort of stuff should be saved if possible, will do so and should be able to get most of the metal off (if any) with a razor blade.
  3. Thanks, and that would be extremely awesome! Here's hoping that Zfest can happen this year, seems still up in the air at this point. I still have a lot to do before this car will be ready, but getting there. hindsight is 20/20, right? We make do with that we have, and that includes the knowledge we have at the time 🙂 . I didn't know he had some some on 620s, will have to have a look. Oh yeah, I saw the video Junkyard Digs did on that car a couple days ago. Poor thing seems to have even more rust than mine, o
  4. Sweet, thanks! I'll have a look through for them, I have a basic set but always good to see a better way to do stuff 🙂 . Indeed! Wish I had found his channel when I was first starting out, it's still a great wealth of knowledge though, always more for me to learn. I'll have a watch of that vid, seems like it'll be useful. EDIT: That's the one I saw already, still a useful watch though. ------------------------------- Removed the skins from my original doors today. They are totally trashed, so just went around the folded lip with a sandin
  5. I don't believe so, do you have a link? I have seen his one where he made patch panel for a Z door, but nothing about replacing/removing skins. Shouldn't be too hard, going to make a flat pick to bend up all the flanges uniformly.
  6. Decided to do some digging at the filler on my replacement doors to see just how much work they'd need; when i got them I knew there was some below the lower body line both inside and out so figured that area would need the usual amount of attention. I might have underestimated a bit: Other side isn't quite as bad but still not ideal: So, uh, yeah. Not great. Keep in mind that there were meant to be the replacement doors. As of right now I think my plan is going to be to fix the frame of my original doors (they still need a decent amount of work but not as bad
  7. A bit of an interlude from the underside work. Decided to fix the rear hatch for good (it was warped for a number of reasons), and as I couldn't get access in behind to hammer, I took the nuclear option of cutting the entire lower skin off: Re-shaped it, cleaned/primed the underside, and mocked it up with the spoiler and left it overnight: The next day, started welding: Mocked up the spoiler again to make sure all was well. And done. There's still imperfections, but it's a thousand times better than it was before, and there is no oil-canning
  8. The stitch-welding continues. Did all the front inner arch stuff: Welded up the bottom side of the camber-plate and cut out the inner fender liner bolts to replace with blank plates: Did a bunch of cleanup to the under-floor weld seams too, not sure how much it comes across in pictures but it's, if still not amazing, a lot cleaner than before. Seam sealer will hide the imperfections 🙂 . Next up is reinforcing the rear jack points and possibly making some in the middle to easily lift one side of the car at a time to swap tires etc, then everyth
  9. Got the middle 1/3 of the car stitch-welded today: And started mocking up the rear subframe connectors:
  10. Finished up the chassis legs today:
  11. fucking lol 🤣 @Kenp19 for reference my 260z was incredibly stupidly rusty when I got it, and I've spent the last 4 years welding it back together. I guess it's become a running joke that I must really like rust given how much of it I've had to deal with haha.
  12. Oh for sure, would be using my respirator with the correct filters for organic vapors etc. MEK/MPK is a good suggestion, I've used it (MEK) for years as a ABS glue for plastic (way cheaper to buy it in bulk vs buying hobby cement with the same active ingredient), so know the precautions to take etc. I may get the bottom of the car blasted instead, just remembered that there's someone 800m from me that does mobile dustless blasting, so would be easy enough to slide the car out into the driveway to get that done. Need to give them a shout and ask about price, and would want to do tha
  13. Thanks! Not all my silly plans work out but it's nice when stuff comes together 🙂 . Ain't that the truth haha! Sure would be nice to have more money for parts, but I'm not about to let that stop be trying to build something cool. Wooden rotisserie sounds like a sweet idea too, have any pics? Happily my jig ended up being light enough that I was able to slide everything over after flipping so it only takes up one half of the garage again. Awesome, glad I could inspire others! ---------------- Spent 5 hours today removing underc
  14. Thanks! Just doing what I can with what I have, time but no money and a desire to have/build cool cars means I have to get creative sometimes 🙂 . If you want dimensions or anything let me know, would be happy to provide. Just whatever the cheapest 2x4's I could buy, yeah. Should be more than fine, I've seen some pics of some seriously sketchy setups on heavier cars with no issues; mine feels really sturdy and I've done a lot of doubling-up of the wood and triangulating, so should be more than fine to leave it for a while. That said, yeah, there would definitely be
  15. Hmm, have a link? Can't remember exactly where I first saw an example of it being done. I've had the rough plan in mind for quite some time but recently stumbled across this vid of someone making one specifically for a Z, so as it worked for them I decided to just roughly copy their design, no sense reinventing the wheel. His design has the front/rear transverse planks a bit shorter than mine meaning that the pivot is a little more inboard, but I don't think it should be much of an issue considering I'll be using my engine crane to lift the other side of the car - at worst I'll tak
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