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  1. The stock market opens and closes m-f so you can watch your money easily. Crypto is up and down 24/7. So you could invest 10k one day and wake up to nothing the next. To much risk for anything over couple thousand of your hard earned money.
  2. sell the 30mm calipers and get the 26mm calipers and put the matching rotor on from a 1990 n/a 300zx. Thats the setup I have on m30 struts,all bolt on.
  3. Roll the dice and get it coming, that's a good price shipped to your door.
  4. I am used to seeing brembo and powerstop rotors going in the opposite direction. Carry on with the awesome build
  5. toylet

    38 38 webber

    I have a 38 38 on my lz2.2. I installed a wide band and found that it was going lean at 1/4 throttle. changed the mains.. all is good
  6. FYI you have the front rotors on the wrong side so now you should just swap the struts..lol. They are directional rotors. Also I would get fully insulated male spade connectors for the license plate lights, looks like the connectors could short to ground the way you have them.
  7. next time get a legacy lsd..they have the cool finned covers. http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/110-gen-2-2000-2004/270618-i-didn-t-know-i-needed-rear-diff-cover-cooling-fins.html
  8. I have a big stack of 1/4 windows and 90% of them have the green tinted glass. Really not that rare
  9. make it easy on your self pump the brake pedal with right hand and use left hand to crack open the master cylinder bleeder screws as your holding the pedal down .air will escape and your brakes will work again.
  10. what are your goals? do you want 5 lug or 4 lug? do you want big brakes or no?what offset and size wheels do you want to run? In my garage I have ...88 300zx turbo hubs,m30 hubs,300zx non turbo 5 lug hubs, 280zx hubs, 200sx v6 hubs, 300zx 4 lug hubs. The best ones to get for big brakes are the m30 hubs and struts can leave them as 4 lug or drill them to 5 lug. Most any newer big brake nissan caliper will bolt to it. There is a M30 at a junk yard by my house.
  11. I have a LZ22 in my 510 with the Weber 38/38. I had to install a wide band o2 sensor to get the mixture right. Basically all the jets were too rich from the factory so I had to replace them, plus it would diesel when shutting off engine. installed the optional fuel idle cut off valve. Dieseling has gone away PLUS it starts a lot easier now because the fuel is not flooding the cylinders on shut down anymore making it leaner on startup. Going from the 32/36 to 38/38 was a very noticeable change.
  12. s12 5 lug hub is the same as the z31 5 lug early turbo/ late non turbo hub.
  13. Remove reverse light switch and fill
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