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  1. I did check all fuses on both sides and was getting power to the proper keyed fuses. I did find the wire for the temp sensor was dangling and plugged it in. I jumped the power from 1 lead to the second coil and both were firing but weakly since it was pulling for both coils. I then hooked up the old pigtail and I had power to both. I knew both coils were working but the feed for 1 wasn't. I don't know if I jiggled a loose connection or what but the exhaust coil almost knocked me on my ass. I think the next order of business is to clean up all connections and secure what splices there are. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I checked the fuses with a multimeter, they were each pulled and tested.
  3. I took a look at the pigtail coming from the distributor and took the cap off and there are only 3 wires coming out. I also pulled each and every fuse from the box and they are all good. The transistor unit only has 3 lugs. I have another distributor that I picked up from my storage unit and it does have the 4th wire. I have been trying my damnedest to get a hold of the guy that I got the truck from but still have not heard from him. Mike
  4. Thanks Mike, The intake ports are round with the notch for EFI and the chamber size is several CC's smaller than the Z24. I took a look at the fuse boxes and I am not seeing a blown fuse or anything that I would relate to that circuit. I got a pic of the fuse box under the dash and the relay boxes on the passenger side of the fender well. What conditions make the exhaust coil cut out? https://imgur.com/AO8wyG0 fender well https://imgur.com/LsmNQ6q under dash Mike
  5. I've had this little rig for about 3 years and she has been pretty decent. A little back story here . It's an '86 D21 4x4 with the Z24 engine. The head is from a Z22 from what I am understanding. The EFI and ECM, ECU, PCU whatever it is for this rig has been removed and the carb is a re-jetted Holley. The distributor is a vacuum advanced electronic unit and I think is from a 1981 Z24(?) Datsun. I just rebuilt the head from having the #4 exhaust valve burning a chocolate M&M sized hole in it. I did get her back to running again except I am not getting any power to the exhaust coil pigtail. According to the wiring diagram the intake also sends a signal to the tach and the tach is working. The exhaust is supposed to be on a 10 amp fuse. I am not finding a burned fuse and don't know if that would be a fuse or a fusible link. I am not familiar at all about how this dual coil setup is supposed to work and I wonder if that didn't have something to do with it burning a valve. Being the purist I normally am I wish the guy I got this from had left all of the electronics alone. Any help at all to get power back to the exhaust coil will help. Just for S & G's I am going to take the distributor cap off in the morning and make sure I didn't knock a wire loose from the electronic unit because 1 of the wires for that coil go back there. Thanks, Mike
  6. Here's a pic since there was a request.
  7. A year has come and gone. I'm still looking for a transmission and TC but the sound is about the same. For around town and flat highway she is awesome but a bit on the gutless side. I am now dreaming about dropping a later model V6 in it from a Pathfinder.
  8. Thanks Mike! I think I got it going now. I've been able to drive my 86 for a couple of months and I love this little truck! I need to come up with a core transmission and transfer case and rebuild them so I can just R&R the pair. I am finding out that there must have been some issues with the input shaft bearings going bad and making some nasty racket. At 1st it sounded like a throw out bearing but there is a different sound for each gear and 5th sounding terrible. So far I have 750 miles on it and other than the trans I am happy with it. I replaced the exhaust and eliminated all of the leaks. I think it was on this forum that there was a lengthy post covering eliminating the EFI and carbing it. I made a couple of mods myself to be able to control the fuel flow on the return line and I have not noticed any stumbling or flat spots in the throttle response. Anyway, here's some pictures of the truck and the carb setup. I also added an aluminum toolbox to the bed after these pics were taken. Mike https://imgur.com/a/ugMO4
  9. What hosting sites are the best and free? Photobucket is out.
  10. I finally got the carb issues all straightened out and will go to the dmv this Monday and get it registered. The jets are what is called for on a 2.3l Pinto motor. Since all the wiring has been nackered I don't have any working tach, oil pressure or temp gauges that work. I have a couple of sets of after market gauges that I will put on and a junk yard speedo when I can get out there until then I will rely on my Magellan to get my speed.
  11. I finally get her up and running with an '81 Datsun distributor. I was also able to scavenge a couple more control modules and 2 new pickup yokes. The carb I think is a bit weak knee'd though. It's a 5200 series Holley that supposedly came off of a '79 Omni. As far as I can tell the Omni was a 1.7L and this being a Z24 I think that the jets are too small to be able to supply enough fuel. She starts and runs nice in neutral and will motivate along but falls flat on her face when you try to pick up some speed. The Holley is supposed to be around 250 to 280 CFM and I am eyeballing a Motorcraft 2150 that I already have rebuilt and sitting on a shelf which will be running about 350 CFM. Hey datzenmike, I love your Heisenberg sig.
  12. Hi folks. Thanks for adding me! New member to the forum and a new owner of a 1986 D21 that has been molested. I have had to replace the seats and carpet as it had been tossed due to the PO PO being a smoker and cig burns. The guy before me was in the process of converting this over to a carb from EFI and I made an adapter plate for the carb to manifold. So far it has been a major headache with "WTF did he do and why?" moments every time I turn around. Right now the only thing that is holding me up from being able to drive this thing is the distributor. The ECM controlled distributor was removed and went to the same place as the seats along with the ECM. It was replaced with an electronic distributor with a vacuum advance. The problem in the distributor is that the control module in it is bad and a bit on the spendy side which is making me consider just dropping a 302 Ford or 350 Chevy it it. This has the Z24 engine in it and I would like to just bypass all of the electronics in it and just go with a points and condenser or perhaps an electronic upgrade that will fit this distributor. I am a 30 year experienced machinist so if I could even come up with a 4 cyl point distributor I could do what machining I would need to to make this work. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again for the add! Mike
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