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    '76 Datsun 100A
  1. Bluespuke

    Coolant for Datsun 100A

    Hey! Turns out it was just a little short in coolant, nothing was leaking... A little bit of love, some tire pressure and a little bit of startpilot and it was running again :D Thanks for the recommandations @datzenmike , the store said the exact same thing (and they remembered which one my dad bought^^) :)
  2. Bluespuke

    Coolant for Datsun 100A

    Hey and thanks! I'm from Belgium, right in the center of Europe! It was my dad's first car back in the 70s. He bought it back from Holland and we restaured nearly everything. The car was in the garage for almost a year now. My dad told me, that some coolant were missing. I'm going to check in 2-3 hours to see what exactly he needs and if it's leaking somewhere... I'll keep you posted!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm new here so let me just give you a word about me and my car(s)! I inherited a restaured Datsun 100A and multiple dead ones ready to build a running one from my dad. We worked together sometimes but he did the shopping and I just helped him in the garage. Unfortunately he has passed away recently and I'm now the proud owner of the cars (well, together with my brother). We just wanted to get the running one ready for the street and there is some coolant missing. What do you recommend me to refill the coolant? Distilled Water or do I need some special coolant? Thanks for your suggestions ;-) Bluespuke P.S.: Here some pictures of the beauty in the open field:

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