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  1. Cheetosrdabest

    looking for replacement Rag Joint

    Not sure if the ‘84 4x4’s is the same as the ‘84 2 wheel drive ( maybe someone else can confirm ) but for the 2 wheel drive, Autozone had the Help brand 3-3/16” Diameter one that fit perfectly. The Autozone part number is 31000 and had an alternate part number of 705-060-S. This was a couple of years ago when I replaced mine so not sure if it is available anymore either, but might help with the searching.
  2. Cheetosrdabest

    BLADE exhaust filter, scam or cat converter alternative?

    How would they be able to put the sniffer tube into the exhaust pipe with these on for the emissions test? Last time I took mine for emissions, they said it was not emitting anything out of the pipe and tried to fail the truck...had to get out and show them to insert the sniffer into the exhaust pipe in the middle of the stainless tip...not between the tip cover and the side of the exhaust pipe, lol
  3. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    Thanks ! Here's a straight on pic....makes it easier to see how the two pieces of the plastic mount up to cover the stuff on the inner fenders. Also, In case anyone needs to make the Nissan lettering in vinyl, you can down load the old Nissan font from the web and use MS word or a document software to scale it up or down. The font is almost an exact copy....even fit to the NISSAN embossed onto the tailgate of this '84 model https://flic.kr/p/SVhdWV
  4. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    You are probably gonna laugh, but they are made from cutting the plastic radiator cover from a Ford F-150 in half and using the pieces for each side. 5 bucks from pick a part, a can of Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric paint, and a piece of vinyl kick trim like what is put in buildings....instant vanity ! https://flic.kr/p/XkedxM<- the piece on a Ford ( not the one I got...mine was faded and nasty) https://flic.kr/p/Xht5hQ I did a body drop on the truck and everything was out of place it make room so it was a bit of a mess under the hood...covers everything up nicely
  5. Cheetosrdabest

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    I work for Cummins Engine so I'm currently on the hunt for an R2.8 4 cyl turbo diesel to put I my little truck....only 161 hp, but it would be soooo cool IMO !!! Trying to find a blown fit up engine at a good price to see if it would even work right now.
  6. Cheetosrdabest

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    I like the extended cab ! My '84 has the tiny cab and absolutely no room, but I had a '92 SEV6 4x4 with the extended cab and it had little side ways jump seats in the back that were really cool. Did the '86 come with these too?
  7. Cheetosrdabest

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    What a cool truck your friend has ! The world of Datsun never ceases to amaze me...you guys are soooo lucky you came across these cool little trucks and had the brains to keep them. I would build another garage just to have some of the little trucks I've seen on the forum...don't know what I would do with all of them, but that's not the point....right !
  8. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    Just when you think you are done with one, you find something new to do to it !!! Thanks for the tips on the cool looking cast valve cover :)
  9. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    Good to know ! I'll keep an eye out in the pick a pulls for one of these indeed..and the bolts too. I too am undecided about the vanity covers...got a few mixed emotions at the last show it was at, but since I put the big hood scoop on ( had to since I dropped the body about 6 inches and the top of the engine was sticking up through the hood ) most seem to think it was so far gone (modified) that it actually worked. Only two bolts hold each on so they do come off easily and leave no trace of being mounted.
  10. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    Ahhh, I think I like the aluminum z22 cover better, lol...the cast in NISSAN Z looks really nice and could be highlighted in two tone ! Will the Z22 cover fit the Z24? I still have some of that bright yellow paint left, ha,ha
  11. Cheetosrdabest

    Anyone else put vanity covers in their 720 Engine bay?

    Ahh..didn't know this...what's the difference in the Z24 and Z22 covers? The truck is a '84 with an all original engine ( other than things like the alternator and little things)....at least I thought, I bought it in '85 when it was only one year old so I just assumed it was all original
  12. Recently cleaned Little Yellow up for a car show and decided to also improve the look of the engine bay. I know some folks think vanity covers are too much or not necessary( I'm prepared for the hating, lol ), but just wondered if anyone else had done this too https://flic.kr/p/U6k25h Before -> https://flic.kr/p/XgxoKc
  13. Cheetosrdabest

    Charlie69's 86 720 King Cab DD

    Well, at least you gave it a try ! Mine hasn't pulled anything (much less a stump) in over ten years, lol
  14. Cheetosrdabest

    Muffler options

    Still running the stock 2.4 but with a small aftermarket '98 BMW 740il cat installed just before the tractor muffler. Stock exhaust manifold too ! One day the engine will give out I guess so I'll replace it with something bigger, but it already has run for over 200,000 miles and still doesn't burn any oil. Only one head gasket change in its life so I hate to swap it out till it finally goes...just because it just doesn't want to give up, lol
  15. Cheetosrdabest

    Affordable and effective electric fan conversion!

    Just in case anyone is converting to electric fans AND doing a body drop, my onsite pick a pull research revealed that a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Cherokee Sport radiator and fans fit nicely when the radiator height is limited. It had one fan on it, but the second bay was there for the second fan which was donated from another Cherokee. The radiator was also equipped with it's own over temp sensor so one fan runs from the TVV ( which was changed out for a nice Ford one that has a relay on top of the Vacuum Valve and is a direct fit into the port of the 720 ) and the second fan gets tripped by the Jeep radiator temp switch. So far, the truck has never turned on the second fan. Best part of using the Ford TVV with the relay contacts on top is that the fan only cuts on after the engine warms up to switch the vacuum....perfectly quiet with only the engine purring when you first start up, then you hear the fan cut in just a bit before the gage levels out as the thermostat opens because the vacuum valve switches at a lower temp than the thermostat opens I guess the Ford TVV is applicable even if someone was not doing a body drop and just converting to electric fans in thinking about it.

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