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  1. I was driving my truck, faster than I usually do, and it started doing something really weird and kinda scary. I was cruisin along fine but then I went to drop it neutral, the engine kept gunning even without pressing the gas pedal. It was peaking at around 4k rpm, and hanging there, again without pressing the gas. When I would kill the engine it would stop but slowly, and shudder and chug along for a (painstaking) few seconds. It kept doing this as I limped back home, until I got about 5m from the house and but then started working normal again. Never got hot or smelled weird or anything, just racing.. I'm guessing my carb was letting gas thru? I popped the hood and moved the little gas spring/valve thing in the carb but it didnt seem stuck open or anything. I will pull it open tomorrow and have the wife work the pedal to see if anything is acting weird. Any suggestions what to watch for?
  2. Time Left: 5 days and 11 hours

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    Its bent, but works fine. Yours for the cost of Shipping from Santa Rosa CA.


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  3. Came back in the morning and tried it again, seems like the fluid was just low. I'll report back if it is acting up again. It is a rare high quality pic of the Rabbit of Caerbannog!
  4. Haha ok I was looking at the wrong reservoir! The brake was at about 25% so I topped up the reservoir and the light went out but it still feels spongy when the engine is on. If it was low, would I need to bleed it? Did I get air in the system from letting it run low? I notice it idles a bit rougher while I am pumping the brake. Its been cold and rainy so I am not surprised it is acting up in some way.
  5. The parking brake works normally but the BRAKE light does not go off. I dont see any leaks or loose plugs at the wheel or from the cylinder.
  6. I have done only 5 min or research so please excuse my ignorance about this so far. I went to drive to work and my brakes were out. The pedal did stop the car but I had the pedal on the floor. It was working fine when I parked it a few days ago. When the car is on, the pedal feels normal but as soon as I start the engine it goes limp again. What I think is the brake master cylinder has fluid between the min/max lines. Is there any obvious things I should check?
  7. Well, it does work better than it did! It still slides out of 5th, which really isnt a problem for me but a little disappointing.
  8. Got it all bolted back in place, I am a little confused about one of the bolts that holds the rear extension/ bell housing onto the engine. The is one that is extra long and has a big washer on the head, a hex washer bolt. Not sure where that one goes. The other three bolts seemed the correct length for their holes. The only remaining hole is the top one on the passenger side, I think, but the extra length seems to make it bottom out. Other than that I just need to fill it up and then reconnect the starter etc.
  9. This thing has been a bitch and half but I think I got it correctly reassembled. Shifting feels good, though I am sure it will feel better once its full of fluid. Thanks again for everyone who chimed in, Ill let you know how it works once I get it installed. ' Anythings I should check for now while I can still pull it apart?
  10. Ok got it, nearst I can guess is this "overdrive gear bushing" got real seized up. Managed to just push it off past the threads by hitting the end of the shaft. The inner bearing pressed against the gear hub but let the shaft slide through so eventually the bushing slipped past the threads for the main shaft lock nut. also used the heat gun. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Ok got the pins out with some cheap punches from HF. Does this 5/OD gear hub thing come off? It does not want to move, looks like the guy in the video just pulls it off easily.
  12. Asshole roll pins will not come out! Is this an okay thing to try the blowtorch on? Gonna see if the pb blast loosens em up a little.
  13. Ive been watching this guy pulling it apart, and it looks like the only time he needs any kind of puller is this first bearing behind the speedo worm gear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEeNxPwAJi0&t=275s Can I get away with using just this cheap puller? https://www.harborfreight.com/gear-puller-set-15-pc-62958.html?_br_psugg_q=gear+puller Also it looks like everything else just gets hammered or set into place, but how does he get that bearing back on?
  14. Okay, as far as I can tell this is the cause, this seemed like significant slop to me and in some positions the shafts will bind slightly. Gonna start pulling it apart.
  15. Gonna guess this is not a healthy amount of wiggle? https://imgur.com/PHDeihB
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