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  1. Okay so they are all this NACHI brand from Japan with the exception of this one with the blue grease marked "6204 2RS NR" The syncros and smaller bearings have no markings on them. Yeah the reverse worked, my initial test made it seem like there was some play in the main shaft, but I will keep futzing with it tomorrow.
  2. Okay, got it shifting with the screwdriver, it spins freely in neutral at the moment. The roll pins seem fine externally, would they be broken inside? My book calls them "retaining pins". Here is a video of the nut showing how much play and thread is left. https://i.imgur.com/vsyINrh.mp4
  3. Mine had no gasket on the middle plate, just the front one.
  4. I think im gonna do it as stock as possible, if it lasts as long as the first time, it will probably outlive me. Please excuse my ignorance in the following questions: How do i know if it is jammed in 5th? Should the shifting rods move freely by hand? The shafts spin but I cant simulate a gear change how it is now, all the rods that accept the striking lever (?) will not slide around. Also what else could make it pop out of 5th since it sounds like this nut has not backed off a substancial amount?
  5. Thanks again! What else could cause this if not this nut?
  6. Hell yeah thanks! I ordered the kit, shopping around for pullers. That nut is staked but it has some play so its definitely not 100ft/lbs tight. Whats a good way to pry up the staking? What goop did they use to seal this?
  7. What you gonna do with those 4wd parts?
  8. That's what I was doing, I'll see if I cant smooth it up a bit to see if that helps. I am more worried about my 5th gear slipping out, don't like the idea of running it at 4kRPM every time I wanna take the freeway. Thanks for all the help, is really exciting to finally get into this.
  9. Thanks for the tip, I have a pressure washer so I'll probably just do that. It never made any noise in reverse, but it wouldn't go into reverse gear some times, I'm guessing whenever this tooth was the one in line. I never need to go into reverse in a hurry so it never bothered me to just try it again but I figured I would fix as much as I can while I had it all open. The imgur link didnt work? What am I looking for in here that is making it pop out of 5th? It felt like it would go into gear but then it would be pushed back out as soon as I let the clutch out. I remember something about a king nut or ???
  10. The rear was a little stubborn at first but came apart pretty easily once I was holding it off the floor. The front case came off with a few good whacks. I suspect the rubber hammer I was using wasn't giving the same kind of shock as the dead-blow hammer the guy in the video was using. Here is a few more close up pics and a video of the noise. Found one chunk carved out of a gear. https://imgur.com/a/lvBZaeH
  11. Thanks for the clarification, I had to hold it up while my wife hammered on it, it wouldnt slip off sitting on the floor.
  12. Is there any reason I can not take the two housing halves to the machine shop and have them dunk em in the cleaning tank?
  13. Okay got it cracked and mounted in the vise. What am I looking for as far as busted bits? Nothing seems exploded but some of the bearings sound noisy, I think. Also this gasket looks like it has failed pretty badly. vvvvv
  14. Its loose in there but it keep catching on something and wont fall out
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