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  1. Sorry for All the confusion. The truck is a manual. The new engine was an automatic. The auto flywheel was removed and the manual installed. Will post when I get new starter in. Small town, I have to order everything
  2. Borrowed the borescope, all looks ok. The tension comes when #3 and 4 exhaust valves open. Don't think it is an issue so new starter on the way
  3. Yes the 27mm one on the crank. I guess I will try a new starter. Maybe it is, I have no idea how much it was tried to crank after the hg blew on the old motor but that motor never successfully drove. The kid that rebuilt it never could get it to run right.
  4. Engine was stored on a shelf for a few years. Oil still in. Both manifolds still on, air intake in place under cover. Only could be condensation if that is what is causing resistance
  5. Yes I used the manual trans with no spacer. There is very little resistance but it is there. I have a standard length ratchet on the nut and it goes from about 2 fingers pressure to a bit more but not much. I am just running through ideas as to why the starter jumps out after about one engine revolution. Plugs are out, Marvels Mystery oil in.
  6. After working on it till it turned into an oven in the shop, I might have an idea on the problem. I think I have rust in #4 cylinder. The motor turns with a few fingers till it hits a certain point then it takes a slight bit of pressure to go through it. I am going to borrow a camera tomorrow and look before I try any further. It will now turn about one full revolution before the starter kicks out and grinds
  7. Right I just used the word flywheel in a generic term
  8. Well after googling some more, it seems autos have the spacer or it is welded on to flywheel. Manuals do not. I cannot find anything specific for a 720 though. I am using the work flywheel on both but am aware of the difference
  9. Ok I did an engine swap z24i to z24i, nothing too complex. Anyway the good starter grinds and won't engage. It was new on the blown motor. Works fine and both spins and pops out engaged on the ground. Now. The blown motor was a manual trans that did not have a large spacer between the engine and flywheel. The new motor was an automatic and did have the spacer. I did not use the spacer because the manual didn't have it. Am I going to have to drop the trans or is there anything else I could do? Could I put two washers between the starter and the block to see if it would hook up like that? Of course you really can't see anything because of the manifold. New/old motor spins freely and I pulled the exhaust side plugs just to try with no compression. Also the first two times I bumped it when I finished installing it, it did turn the motor.
  10. I will snap a pic in the morning. It is a standard z24. The one group of wrapped wires comes off the distributor but there is the single spade right next to the normal wires.
  11. Cary

    Oil pressure gauge?

    Yeah, a cheap AutoZone gauge doesn't have anything close. It was gonna be temporary to make sure it was good when I started up the first time
  12. The wiring on this on truck has been hacked on over the years. On the bottom of the dizzy is a single spade plug and coming from the are on the fender where the coils are, I have a small harness with a black plug and a white plug, both of which will take a single spade. Any idea which goes to the dist?
  13. Where would I tap into the block to add an oil pressure gauge? Z24l. I am assuming the connection by the oil filter is the temp sensor?
  14. With it cleaned up there is a small groove between 1 and 2. Piston is pretty isn't she?
  15. I am fairly forum knowledgeable but I posted a few dead links while trying to post a pic and cannot find a delete post option. Any help? Thanks
  16. Thanks, head looks good except for carbon but it is going to go to the shop also. I definitely feel like it was an assembly error. I bought it from the kid thinking it was just a timing issue or a bent valve. He and his brother built the motor and when it messed up he was in over his head. If I could get photobucket working I will post pics.
  17. Hi, all Finishing up the engine swap and now have the old motor out. I want to build this z24 up as a potential turbo motor or just a really good spare. All internals are new. Kid missed a tooth on the timing gear and blew/burned the head gasket. The damage is not as bad as it looks but there is a small noticeable groove between 1 and 2. Will the block take a little shaving/decking? Hmm, guess I gotta go read up on posting pics
  18. Yep that's it and I have an empty screw hole where it mounted. As soon as I read up on posting pictures I will post them. Wonder why auto parts stores don't show it as available
  19. Hello, I am repairing a z24i that has bent valves. In tearing everything down I noticed there is no way to match up the crank pulley. The tab that screws into the block is missing. As messed up as this in, I am not just pulling the head but doing the timing chain cover too. I want to be 100% when I get the head back from the shop
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