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  1. Drewmcinnes

    1972 Honda Turbo 510

    Any updates on this ?
  2. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    Spoke with an engineer and he is happy for me to triangulate a suspension turret to mount s13 from suspension. No dramas there. I will have to just trim the inner guard on the body to clear the suspension. He actually suggested me running an s13 rear crossmember as that way all the suspension and brakes are from One specific car and won't have to brake test it
  3. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    Sounds like a plan
  4. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    It's not really the look per say I'm going for. In Australia our road rules Are rather strict so I'm more so trying to incorporate the simplest and cleanest, Possibly even factory like finish I can apply. The idea stemmed from the fact I don't want to reamed by the police And the more factory like finish I can get it finished the better. Hope that makes sense
  5. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    I understand that the noise may increase but one would argue it's no different From when 4wd owners do a body lift with a solid bush. I'm unsure if there will be any real benefit I just think it would look very clean and Have a nice finish.
  6. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    Yep chad did but he has built suspension turrets off the chassis.
  7. Drewmcinnes

    620 with s13 front suspension

    Ok guys I'm about to remove all my front suspension and origanal mount points to accomodate S13 crossmember and suspension. So hears my question, every one I have seen fabricates suspension turrets off the chassis and then just cuts out the inner wings. I'm thinking a little out of the box here, so hear me out. What if I solid mount the cab to chassis, then make a suspension turret onto the body and then an addition body mody mount inbetween the firewall and the new front suspension. basically incorporating the strut turret into the body for a nice finish. Once the body is solid mounted the new strut tops wouldn't flex with articulation. Can anyone see any problems with this in theory?? Any ideas would be excellent. Basically this is a street truck in Australia so I need this to be legal on the road. Kind regards Andy
  8. Drewmcinnes

    620 with a 720 bed??

    Hi guys, I have a 620 ute and live in Australia. Beds are almost impossible to find For a 620 here, anyone know if the 720 bed will fit?? Photos?? Kind regards

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