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  1. Hello just about to do a full fluid change. But I can't seem to find any specs. Just wondering what brand, weights, and estimated how much I will need. I plan on doing motor, trans, and rear end.
  2. Got the intake and su's cleaned and polished. Also put on the fender mirrors
  3. Love everyone replies on here very detailed, pros and cons. Best and most responsive forum I've found yet. Thanks for the info that was exactly the break down I was looking for. Anyone on here maybe have a spare I could but off them? I can't seem to find a used one on ebay all aftermarket.
  4. Another update on progress. Slight delays as the head has still not been delivered yet..... But still striving forward I have ran into a couple more problems and questions. I've read a lot on the 280zx distributor being a substantial upgrade in helping eliminate pinging.. but on the other hand have also read that the 280zx dizzy does not have the vacuum advance and will either retard/advance timing upwards of 8 degrees with having the efi deleted? So my question would be my stock 280z dizzy works just fine and with the extra help of a blaster 2 ignition coil would it be worth the swap or even possible? Another thing noticed my temp gauge does not work was thinking of just getting an aftermarket but would prefer the original to work any one know where I could get a schematic on how they work?? And thanks again for reading and all the help everyone.
  5. For sure im doing as much port and polishing as possible. Also I plugged in a lot of numbers and got a rough horsepower estimate for my engine once it's built and tuned at 196-232hp. Does that sound reasonable? Also made up a build sheet so I have something to follow on paper. Good thing I did too let me know I'll have about 5-6k in my z after it's all said and done. Guaranteed my wife can't see that price tag lol
  6. So the Su's came in today and there mounted on the e46 intake I was hoping for n33 but couldn't really tell in his pictures. Any info on if this will make a big enough difference for it to be worth it to try and get a n33 intake? Or will this on be fine
  7. From what I've been researching there not that bad really..... I hope lol other than there an earlier set. The only difference is there more of a base model performance carb less fine tuning adjustments. I've found a really decent supply of replacement parts and a lot of videos in japanese of them on numerous cars including datsun z cars. I'm thinking there not widely reputable here due to none of their information being in english. I think I'm ok with the idea of the simpler more basic carb and it would be a way cheaper triple carb setup. About 1500 cheaper vs webers or mikunis at roughly 350 a carb shipped.
  8. Also just picked all this up for 160 said there solex c40s.... And turns out I got a couple more pics and there solex c40 addhe so I think I got super lucky of an unaware seller.
  9. Well I picked up a set of su carbs on a n33 intake with linkage, heat shield and some other pieces for 190, and I'm sure need a good going through so wondering any rebuild kits recommended. Also got a msa 3-2 header and full 2.5 exhaust just for the black tubing, some shorty race mufflers to get my side pipes put on finally. Also should be getting my head soon. Just wondering has anyone on here done this head mod before?
  10. So I found some IDF carbs??? A triple set of 40 0r 44 dcoe carbs for 250 and then a complete intake linkage and gasket kit from England for about 450 shipped just wondering anyone know the quality of either of these items?
  11. Ld28 cranks are also the price of Mayan gold along with the mikunis. I found a complete maxi diesel engine for 800 shipped but I don't think I'm going for it. And yea the mikuni/webers are too expensive for my set up. Thanks for the info too btw guys I'll go with a little heavier flywheel and save some money also should i use the ka style piston or will 280zx flat tops work fine??. All I got left to get now is pistons, cam tower shims, my head, and carbs to come in the mail. Then I will be posting pics of wheels in motion.
  12. Your right It will only be 2949.5 c.c. which comes out to a 2.95 litre so close enough for me lol it would take a 90mm ka piston to put you at 3015cc.
  13. So I've been doing research day and night and have almost got my wife to hate me over this car here recently. I've steered away from my original build and plan to build a 3.0 non stroker. I ran all my numbers through the lengine calculator and everything should be good. I should result with about a 10.5:1 CR. So here's where I'm going now still over boring .040 to get the 3.0 displacement with flat top pistons. I also snagged a p79 head and it happens to be good. I plan on doing the shave .080 and shimmy and use my old n47 valves. Also still very mixed decisions on my carb set up I think really want triple mikunis or webers but that will stall out my build a bit,due to fundage. Also got my msa 3-2 header some 2 1/2in shorty race mufflers and patriot side pipes. Plan on getting a fidanza 10lb flywheel a harmonic dampener and a lot of assembly balancing. My cam also ships out Monday after some light delays. Last few things I was wondering what upgrades should I make on my timing Chains and tensioners. I've looked at the kameri stuff and a locking tensioner style. But I'm not sure... is the kameri stuff worth it? And another thing is it still worth mildly porting the head?
  14. My guy we always use here at custom motors he does a good job
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