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  1. LawrenceL

    Flex Plate Needed

    Thanks everyone. Priceless help came in time! Woo-Hoo! L = )
  2. LawrenceL

    Flex Plate Needed

    I'm a newby to this site, and really could used some help. I need a good flex plate for a '71 510 wagon with a Borg-Warner transmission, and have posted a wanted ad with no results. Rod's Datsun parts still has none, and this is all that's keeping a new motor from being installed and enjoyed. If anyone has a tip or a source to persue, any help would be appreciated very much. Thank you = )
  3. LawrenceL

    L16 Flex Plate Needed

    I have been unsuccessful attaching pics on forum posts, but have attached a good pic to the classified ad placed today Thx gentlemen
  4. LawrenceL

    L16 Flex Plate Needed

    Many thanks, Mike. It is definite, the trans is the BW 35 - threaded dipstick tube, 4 prong rev. light and inhibitor switch, etc Just a' hoping for help finding a good flex plate. Thanks
  5. LawrenceL

    L16 Flex Plate Needed

    Gentlemen, Just joined in, and have been unsuccessful at placing a classified 'wanted ad' for a good flex plate for a '71 510 wagon with a Borg-Warner trans. Waiting for help from admin with getting the system to not tell me 'Oops! Something went wrong!', and hoping someone might have a lead or one for sale. Thanks = )

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