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    I need a LEFT front Fender for a Datsun Fairlady, years 1967 through 1970 would be application. Per commentary form a Forum member it is suggested that I state the car is a 1600 CC Datsun Roadster. These were commonly called a Fairlady when I had my first one in 1972, of course that was Rhode Island. I sold it for a Brand New 1974 Datsun 260Z.


    California City

  2. Thank you Duncan! Im looking now, again, thank you for your knowledge/assisitance­čśÄ
  3. Hello forum members I just picked up a Resto Project, 1970 1600 Fairlady "Tall windshield" Its a project. What wheels options are you guys suggesting, something like a Minilite but not breaking the bank? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys and Mr. Savage.... It's coming slowly but surely Truck was bought brand new 1986 by a Los Angeles County sherriff He sold it to my Bud, another recently retired LA Count Sheriff who sold it to me after his wife attempted to drive it into the ground. More pics this weekend...
  5. And this is the 86 "720" pick-up before I started. I'm desperately searching for that "ST" Decal on the Bed
  6. Hmm Bought the 77 Gremlin X Levi Edition 4-speed AC car in-line 258 form original owner He was a retired Lockheed-Martin Aerospace worker. 450,000 miles on her! I recently bought a 258 CI and rebuilt it. Soon the Gremlin will get restored....
  7. As you can see, I (we) used a tintable bed liner..
  8. [/url]">http://http://s1122.photobucket.com/user/markski1/media/1986%20Nissan%20720%20Sport%20truck%20Lil%20Red%20Joe/IMG_0873.jpg.html'>
  9. So cool senior member! I loved the Savage... :thumbup:
  10. So: Again team, so sorry, but I have the "hang" of it now Next pics hoping for tonight will be of the truck before the start of the resto. A couple of "neat things" 1. I found the Left & Right king Cab panels in RI, I'm originally from there, my nephew got them for me out of a salvage yard there. (I live in the Mojave Desert, Edwards AFB, or 20 miles North) 2. The truck is coming along well so far, front seat cushion is "weak/thin" and looking into a seat 9buckets) re-do 3. Original color was so faded, I thought the original color was more maroon but found under the carpet it was th
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