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  1. Im doing a similar project as far and truck and engine wise. But I was wonder what you guys did for the wiring harness. Did you guys buy one specially made to fit an Sr20 in to 620 pickup or did you guys delete stuff off an original Sr20 harness. I have the original wiring harness but have no idea how to go about it.
  2. Jalj47

    Sr20det cam caps

    I removed the head of my s13 sr20 to replace the timing chain, my dad later moved my cam caps from where I had them and they were put out of order. I was wondering if it’s is a big problem and if anyone knows the order they should be. (I know the ones that go on the intake side and the exhaust side just not which one goes where)
  3. I am trying to put together my oil pan for an sr20, unfortunately I lost all my bolts moving houses. does anyone know the bolt sizes for the strainer, upper and lower oil pan bolts.
  4. Jalj47

    620 suspension swap

    so im working on a 73 620 with an sr20det swap. i know the power the engine will put out is to much for the stock rear end to handle. im wonder if there's a rear end that i can take of another truck like a hardbody or if anyone makes a kit.
  5. Jalj47

    620 sr20det wiring

    I was wondering how anyone who has done this (Sr20det into 620) did their wiring. If found some harnesses on online and other methods. Just wonder how other people went about it.
  6. has about the crossmember for the transmission?
  7. I already bought the sr20, where I live the KA was impossible to find.
  8. What’s the best way to go about it, I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go from here.
  9. I’m in the process of swapping my 73 620 with a s13 SR20, someone is trying to selling me a swap kit from CXracing for a 510 and I was just wondering if the transmission and engine mounts would also fit the 620.
  10. How are you guys doing I have a 1973 620, I'm looking to do a KA24de swap, I'm new to the datsun community and I can use all the help. Besides the 240sx what would be another car the get that motor out of? Also what kind of custom work would need to be done to make it all fit? Do I need custom mounts, or can I use the stock ones for the motor and transmission?
  11. Jalj47

    Differential for 620

    Well I just hear a metal clanking noise coming from the rear end, when I'm in 4th gear everything starts to shake or rumble. When I'm at a stop it's normal and when I drive it makes that noise again. What can that be
  12. What about a 5 speed off of another 620? Which one would be best and what needs to be done to make it work for my 73?
  13. I have a 73 620 with a L16, I think my diff is giving out, I have a differential too a 93 hardbody. Will that work if it?
  14. I have a '73 620, it still has the original L16 with the 4 speed transmission. I want to to swap a 5 speed into it what would be the best one to look for?
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