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  1. Sorry for the late reply yall, I appreciate all of this! I'll report back once I figure it out.
  2. My wiper motor doesn't work/never has on my 521. I found one listed for a 620, are they interchangeable? Has anyone tried the Mazda wiper motor conversion? I'm not too concerned because it never rains here, but would be nice to have a working one just incase it did!
  3. Looking for 521 dash parts(really want radio), floor mats, windshield wiper motor, er.. probably will want a lot of stuff when I get there.
  4. Definitely not *showing* my Datsun beyond driving her up to the event, is it $8 to park her at the space as well?
  5. Will definitely be at Eagle Rock! Bummed I missed the last one
  6. I just bought this koyo rad for my 521 because they're interchangeable. I was going to buy a factory fan, but was wondering if maybe you knew of a quality fan shroud that would fit on the koyo rad? Or should I stick to factory?
  7. I've been obsessively researching it this week. Did you follow Beebanis instructions ?
  8. Thanks y'all! My MC was shot. It was stock. Sad to not have a stock MC but I've been informed that it's better to buy them new instead of refurbished. She brakes again(for now)!
  9. I tried to pump them, I got nothing, it's not even spongy.
  10. I checked this morning, there is sufficient fluid in the master cylinder. The brake fluid isn't low at all, so I didn't think it was a leak. After some research it seems that I need to replace the master cylinder?
  11. There's fluid in the master cylinder still, could there still be leaks?
  12. Hey y'all! Bought my first 521 a couple months ago, it has all drums, been working on it a ton. The brakes needed pumping to work, So first thing I did was bleed the brake lines and adjust the brakes(thanks to the tutorial on the forum). Since then, the brakes have been running really smoothly, been driving it 4x a week about 15 miles a day. This morning I went to drive it, and my foot hit the floor. My brakes don't work at all. I emergency braked my way back home. Any idea what this could be? It just seems odd that it was so sudden.
  13. DylanLes

    Datsun 521 Fuse Box?

    Which block are you using now?
  14. I'm looking at one from Thailand, I have a J13. Seem right?
  15. I'm thinking about buying a NILES OEM fuse box for my 521 I saw on eBay. It's new in the box. Do you guys recommend this?
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