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  1. iwl67

    Datsun 310?

    Thanks guys! My brother figures it was a 310b, if that sounds right. Been lookin on kijiji and craigslist. Grahem, yes it looked like the cars in your pics. It was a 2 door though.
  2. iwl67

    Datsun 310?

    Hi Ratsun. Lately i've had this urge to find a car that my mom had when I was 7, 1984. I know it was a Datsun, and i've looked up pictures of them all and I belive it was a 310, as that even sounds familiar. I guess my question are, is this something that I'll never find? If not, does anyone know of one anywhere? I know its a lot for a new guy to ask but I thought i would start here with trying resurrect a car that my mom showed my brother and I the greatest times in. Thanks in advance. My email is iwlconstructionltd@gmail.com
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