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  1. The dead spots at low rpms high rpms it does fine. What would i need to regap the plugs to and I'm 12° on cam and at 12 mark on dizzy
  2. I just put on dual 40mm side draft webbers and it idles just fine but I cannot figure out why it has dead spots and hesitation can anyone help please
  3. So I just installed some used 40mm side draft carbs on my l20b motor it idles fine but is has a huge hesitation any one know how to possibly fix this?
  4. What metal are the stock knuckles made of on 720? I'm trying to figure out what I need to chop n weld em for more steering angle and not sure if made from cast iron or cast steel or posably other metals
  5. Why would I cut the metal liner on the w58 exactly? And what's the difference in the square ports vs round ports.
  6. I've red up on alot of different builds with these 2 motors. I have a l20b I'm running right now with 1mm over bore and a w58 stock head. I have 2 z22 motors sitting here one out of a 83 720 other one out of an 83 200sx. I was wondering if I could use the pistons cranks and rods for a build that would be worth it with any combination of what I have laying around. It's a daily driver/ drift motor so I'm looking for more horses and reliability but I'm not scared to tear into any of it
  7. I got a used w58 head for my l20b and rebuilt it right before I was going to install it i realised there was no freeze plugs right where the headers bolt on to the head. I was wo dering where I could find new ones or what I could psably do for cheap fixx
  8. Kingcab

    Chevy 4.3 into my 720

    Thanks for the info I will get back to all of you once I figure more out
  9. Kingcab

    Chevy 4.3 into my 720

    I would much rather a ka but this motor and parts are free to me. And it doesn't seem to hard to swap into 720 until I find a ka
  10. Kingcab

    Chevy 4.3 into my 720

    Is there an oil pan I could bolt on for better clearance? Also would I need to mod the driveline?
  11. Kingcab

    Chevy 4.3 into my 720

    It's not a 4x4 and I'm going find a manual trans for it. And possible carb swap.
  12. So I'm getting this 4.3 motor from a 92 chevey s10 for free also getting the wire harnes driveline and rear end. I was wondering what it would take to swap it into my 720. I've been doing a little bit of research but cant find out exactly what I would need and how it fits. Any info helps
  13. I have a w58 peanut head stock on my l20b whatt other heads come stock on l20b and what one would be best to use?
  14. What all would I need for the swap? Driveline rear end?
  15. Okay I'll look into that I know someone with parts I can get for ka24 de
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