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  1. Well this is great news. I’m sad Canby finally ended after over a decade, but i was happy to be able to doucment it and help out for the last 2 years it was around. I actually had just moved up from Sacramento myself, and was really happy to find such a vibrant Datsun enthusiast community up here. It would be a shame to lose a tent-pole annual event now. That said, @jbirds510, let’s sync up about video coverage for this event. I don’t require much, other than access. Thanks for doing this!
  2. Oh thanks for posting, Bleach! I was just coming over here to do the same. You guys fuckin' rock! BTW who is the owner of the Orange truck with the wicked pulled fenders at 1:24? I'm always so busy at these things, I've never had time to stop and chat with him. Love the aggressive fitment on that thing. :D
  3. Sounds like I just missed the Classic Japanese show in BC, but Blue Lake is on my calendar now. Thanks for the heads up, Bleach!
  4. :D Thanks for the kind feedback, everyone. I had a great time out there! Here's the interview footage that i've been able to get to so far. Still have a few vendor interviews left to bust out. Speaking of interviews, I'm trying to work my way up to a Petrolicious level of car videos. I have one lined up with Dan Uphoff next month... the first in a series of featurettes about Datsun owners and the cars and trucks they love. If any of you in the PNW are interested, hit me up on instagram or facebook. (You could shoot me private message here too, but i might not see it for a bit.) Oh, and since I'm new to the area, feel free to let me know about any upcoming Datsun/Nissan meets that you'd like to see covered. Still getting my bearings here... ~S
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